Horsey Legs

Looks like part of a dance for some reason O__o

I was playing the Heroes of Might and Magic V and then I felt like creating my own creature that would fit into their fantasy world but he came out too immature for a real battle ^-^;

but I like the design, maybe he could actually kick some real ass if I gave him a sling or whichever :3

Now what to call him I just don't know, was originally meant to be a satyr but those guys have goat legs and beards ^-^;

What do you think? 😄
I'm not sure what to call Horsey legs either... but he's very well drawn. Nice work. Read more
Thank you :3 Read more
Creatures with the horse aspects such as this one are called Seleni (sometimes spelled Sileni). They are from ancient Grecian mythos like the satyrs.

By the way, you are a terrific artist. Read more
Thank you so much! I think I was told this before but completely forgot about it ^^; Read more
Has a rather huge kaboose. In any case excellent work! Read more
Thanks :D Read more
Gorgeous! The real question, though, is... Is he hung like one? ;-p Read more
He's a twist on the centaur? Maybe he's a mix between a centuar-human and a Satyr? I donno, I adore him though. Read more
perhaps the name for the species could be Decataur, the name for the half elven half centaur race in the book "Bastards and Bloodlines" by Gwen K.E.Stephens, published by Green Ronin Publishing Read more
Name him any of these

Acotas: group of horses
Aiattaua: beautiful man
Monone: horse

all i could find that fit him. ^^ their native american names ^^ Read more
Thanks, i might get back to it sometime ^^ Read more

= Like a satyr but horse-based. :) Read more
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