😉 Hey Babe

"Hey sexy, how's it bendin'?"
"I'm a guy, you dummy."
"So am I! See, we have a lot in common!"
"Piss off, I'm straight."
"So wanna go straight to my place?"
"......... Fine. But I'm on top."
"Sure, the cowboy pose is the best!"
"I mean the other way!!"
"The reverse cowboy?? Oooh my!"

What do you think? 😄
who else wants to see that encounter? Read more
These two are gonna go at it later i bet 😉 Read more
My imagination is running wild now... when hot gets even hotter... <3 <3 Read more
They do make a fun pairing. I like their dialog dynamic. Read more
Andrzej me encanta.... el avatar de la pagina es magnifico.... es uno de los personajes preferidos.... espero ver mas cosas de el... Read more
But what is this reverse cowboy? I’m so confused… Read more
Wonderful! Thank you for this! Read more
amazing 😍 Read more
Can't take my eyes off from that endless belly!!!
I mean if only Andrzej was present, that be "wow" (that bulge certainly is), but Yasha is overshadowing him despite being in white clothes :-D

I think people do not appreciate enough how can you always find fresh nice pose and angle. For some reason I want to ruffle Yasha's hair now :p
See you boys at home during hot "totally straight" folding.
shifty Read more
If only I ever was lucky enough to see such a scene in the streets 🥲 Read more
Don´t know, whether Andrzej is also jogging, but wearing slippers and an egyptian diadem for sports is in a class of it´s own.
o< Read more
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