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Trying to take the sprites and suddenly animate them... Oh I may be onto something here πŸ€”

I'm thinking maybe a platformer, so Helmut could climb his favorite ladders while slapping other lads on their butts.

Thank you so much for your ideas, if you got more to add, please share them in the comments below πŸ’•

Click to read some ideas we got so far!Reading Time: about 2-4 minutes

Plot: The ultimate contortion artifact is kept somewhere in a vast mansion filled with a cast of odd characters, all equally obsessed with extreme flexibility. Many magebois and other bendy folk were greedy to get their hands on the magical artifact but all were sucked in and turned into mere brainwashed servants of the mansion...

Helmut is the most recent pretender, what makes him think he can do it right and not lose his mind and spine in the process? Can he save all his colleagues AND finally retrieve that cursed item that's been a ruin of many a poor bendyboi?

"Do not cross if you like your body in one piece!" Says the warning in front of the evil mansion. "Do not crossdress if you don't like your body in one piece magesuits with a hoodie!" Smirks Helmut as his enchanted legs, immune to cold, dirt and damage (so he doesn't even need shoes), make first steps into the mansion's lobby...

⚑Contortion Energy can be spent to unblock various paths to adventure further, for example:

πŸ›‘οΈGuard: patrols an area, can't be challenged directly but there's a small hole/container that can be used as a hideout to bypass them, which costs a certain amount of energy

βš”οΈDuelist: will let you pass only if you outbend them in a contortion duel, which requires a certain amount of energy and possibly pressing some key combos

πŸŽ“Examiner(s): prove that you're flexible enough to withstand some great amount of stretching, usually it's two partners who push you into an extreme backbend, oversplit, squeeze between their two bodies, etc.. XD (may also require key combos to survive)

πŸ•³οΈHole: squeeze through if you can to discover a new area!

🧴Lotion can be found or purchased, refills the spent energy, but only to a certain limit. The ways to upgrade the limit? Usually by interacting with the characters you meet... maybe they can help you bend better or maybe knot XD

πŸ›οΈItems: bring them to the characters who are looking for them and they reward you with an upgrade!

🎲Minigames: win some character's minigame, can be as basic as rock-paper-scissors (or an odd version of it), or as complex as a built-in 4096 game!

⛓️Captives: some people look familiar... Helmut's friends who recently gone missing? Now brainwashed servants in this house of contorterror! Must immediately rescue all of them someday!! XP

What do you think? πŸ˜„
Oh very nice! I'd love to see a little game of him! I bet he could fold up to squeeze into really tight passages. Maybe getting powerup items of secret contortion techniques? Read more
Maybe hiding in various niches and holes to pass by heavy guards he can't just slap easily... And picking up powerup items that temporarily boost contortion tech points, revealing more holes where he can hide :D Read more
Ooh that is a good idea! Maybe extra strong softening lotions? Start bendy, get extra bendy, then really super ultra bendy, and finally basically rubber. XD Or maybe squeeze into different disguises somehow? Hide in a box!

-Kada Read more
Hmm maybe like the hearts in Zelda, you get 2 hearts at first, can only spend and refill them at first but 2 is the limit... Then at some point can unlock more hearts to raise the limit and do even fancier things! And it could take a certain amount of hearts to do special contortion actions, so can bump into a guard you can only pass if can squeeze into a hideout for 3 rubber hearts but you only have 2 max, so have to look elsewhere to upgrade XP

p.s. And can pick up lotions to refill the hearts maybe, and pick up an actual rubber heart to increase the limit but those should be super rare :D Read more
I would love to play that game XD... an adventure game in which he must to find some gems in order to achieve more flexibility... gaining points and capabilities to reach hidden areas and prove his skills against other fellas.... perhaps even some "night training" point by seducing some sexy boys... XD Read more
I love the night training idea, that made me think there could be NPC characters, you do what they want and they upgrade your contortion limit... You can refill your contortion energy by picking up lotions but only to your current limit... So there's only so much contortion energy you can spend in certain areas, if it's not enough then can do more quests for the NPCs :P Read more
What about a dancing minigame to earn coins to spend on different items? Or maybe bendy enemies that you have to face in bendy duels?

-Kada Read more
Oh yeah, that would be a great way to spend contortion points and you can only win these duels if have enough contortion points.

Minigames? Maybe there can be NPCs that can increase your contortion limit if you beat their minigame :P Read more
All I can think of when seeing this animation is this goofy meme lol

youtu.be/nK7ineym088 Read more
Think it's too wiggly? XD Read more
That makes me think of
yuni.us/bendy-crush . Mushed between two guys till he learns the technique to get suuuper soft. Or wins if it is a boss battle. Or you know, passes out from being squeezed. Mash those button combinations till your fingers are as contorted as Helmut!
-Kada Read more
Oh that's a great idea!! Not only challenging another contortionist to a duel but also let other characters exam your skills and if you're found bendy enough then they let you pass :D

Whoa that's a plenty of ideas, now need to think of the plot and the place... >.> Was thinking some medieval fantasy but just as Helmut is a lewd mage, other characters could be lewd versions of soldiers, elves, gypsies... But probably need to start small like maybe some skyrimish prison where he's caught for misbehaving and a hole he can squeeze through into some small underground ruin to get the basic idea of the game :P Read more
That could work as a really good setting! As a suggestion in a different direction, could be stuck in a simulation or holodeck style thing that is out of control. Sci fi style, with as many different clashing areas to explore as you want. Helmut has to get to the end to turn it off, or defeat the virus or whatever.

Or maybe like...a giant mansion/estate filled with a cast of odd characters and odder magic. Maniac Mansion mixed with Castlevania. Which a whole metroidvania style could really work.

-Kada Read more
Oh! I completely forgot he needs the motivation to explore in the first place XD A simulation is something to consider as Helmut is not originally a fantasy character, yet he's suddenly a full-featured mageboi... But also it might be a confusing element for the player, maybe it's easier if he just wants to collect a number of lost contortion artifacts from some ancient sexy cult... XD

Metroidvania I think is the closest genre as you're collecting powerups to unlock more areas until you reach the final objective. I wonder if it would be interesting to make that maze randomly generated from connected rooms, so the algorithm will connect them in a certain way that is passable. Then I only have to design the separate small rooms and let the algo connect them, instead of working on a big map manually. And the game can also start small and get updated with new content more easily without having to update a whole big map but just adding new types of rooms. Read more
I totally dig the idea of stealing artifacts from a sexy artifact cult. We gotta stop them or they will bend the world! Or...un...bend the world, steal everyone's flexibility for themselves. Or to summon their presumibly evil bendy diety.

I think metroidvania is so the way to go! Those are always awesome. An always random dungeon does sound interesting, if a bit daunting programming wise. Might explore a roguelite too, like Dead Cells.

All this makes me wonder what a bendy shopkeep would be like. I could see someone like Lichard selling things in a dungeon.

-Kada Read more
The maze generator can be super simple at first and can always be reworked later :3

Haha, yeah, Lichard selling lotions instead of potions XD I'm always too lazy to buy potions in games but lotions I'd put on my skin any day! :D

So I got this text so far, I think adding some friends he needs to save might be a good idea :3

"The ultimate contortion artifact is kept somewhere in a vast mansion filled with a cast of odd characters, all equally obsessed with extreme flexibility. Many magebois and other bendy folk were greedy to get their hands on the magical artifact but all were sucked in and turned into mere brainwashed servants of the mansion...

Helmut is the most recent pretender, what makes him think he can do it right and not lose his mind and spine in the process? Can he save all his colleagues AND finally retrieve that cursed item that's been a ruin of many a poor bendyboi?

"Do not cross if you like your body in one piece!" Says the warning in front of the evil mansion. "Do not crossdress if you don't like your body in one piece magesuits with a hoodie!" Smirks Helmut as his enchanted legs, immune to cold, dirt and damage (so he doesn't even need shoes), make first steps into the mansion's lobby..." Read more
I didn't think about that! My programming experience is 12 years out of date, all C++ and Javascript.

Lotions instead of potions is really cute. I personally really like potions, especially with the label peeled off so who knows what you get. Might be rejuvinating, might make your spine into a limp noodle. Although, that can be applied to lotions too. Never thought about that. Damn it, now I'm more into lotions than potions. See what you've done? XD

Totally gotta save friends! I mean, why else would anyone assault a mystery mansion. Also I absolutely love the text blurb! I can already build a really killer mental image of the game in my head. The bit about enchanted legs is a neat detail too, barefoot is amazing but not great for long term soft skin if you walk very far.

I really hope this becomes a reality, it has a ton of promise and I've always really dug your game designs. Awesome discussing this, but I gotta hit the hay as I have an early morning at work. I'm in the discord, a little (very) shy in larger groups but love to talk bendy guys, gals and game design. Maybe we can chat again sometime soon, shoot me a text or something.

-Kada Read more
Haha, yeah, to think of it... a lotion is an externally used potion and vice versa? XD They should have done it that way in Minecraft instead of splash potions.

Yup, save friends from getting brainwashed by the dark side propaganda and rob the evil tyrant of his hard earned treasures, because that's what good guys do :D

I put the ideas in the description of this pic, thank you so much for suggesting them! I'm usually better at improving ideas than creating them, so it helped a lot and I think it sounds pretty solid already! And I think a mansion is a great idea as it can contain some classical paintings and sculptures, maids in corsets and other fancy things XD Read more
Some quick idea... this fella could be some sort of dealer, giving you some items in exchange of some favors... XD

He's open to any kind of deal XD... Read more
Great art with a perfect replication of the game style!! XDD Could put it right into the game and nobody could say it's drawn by a different artist!
And yes, Helmut thinks he escaped from Alfold's clutches but they will meet again!.. ;D Read more
So glad you like him XD... and my humble idea.
Hope you don't mind if I made some other fellas in that style XD... Read more
Ohhh great idea!! XD
I'm still thinking about the main villain and the mansion, and how things should look, so any ideas help but a picture is worth a thousand words :D

Just thought... maybe the villain worships Celestials as gods, sacrificing the best fellas to become human furniture XD They hypnotize and brainwash the best contortionists, who think they're in this place to get ultimately bendy but the real result is they get sacrificed to the aliens as the final stage, ironically becoming ultimately bendy XD That adds the final stage on the Celestial spaceship of course... ;P Read more
I imagine Stefano could be a great main villain, with Marzo and Ruby as the minons of Stefano, and stage bosses XD... But then perhaps it is revealed that all he's doing is a attempt to reach the level of his lost master, so this one could the real "last boss" XD...
So this would keep the mystic/magic/mystery aspect of the mansion, as this was owned by the old master for a place to practice all his secret arts...
But I love the idea of using the celestials. Perhaps Helmut could find one of them in a secret chamber in which the master has some specimens, to extract some fluids for his "flexibility research" XD... Read more
Yeah! Stefano is a perfect villain for a magical setting like this. Specially with that super evil crazy artwork I'm working on with him XD In all past artworks, he also looks stylish/sexy but certainly not a nice fella :P
Hmm, mansion owned by his old master? So it belongs to Stefano now to practice dark arts, hmm that definitely sounds like a great idea! :D And I can see him go around the world, hypnotizing bendy guys to join him, promising riches, they join him happily after he demonstrates what he can do... Then get sucked into the witchboi's world... ;D
Also that confirms the idea I can add classical paintings and sculptures on the walls, candelabrums in the form of folded cherubs, etc XD
The Celestial chamber sounds great, perhaps captured by Stefano for experiments, trying to replicate the Celestial technology XD Read more
I had to make another version XP...

I'm working on Stefano... hope to finish him soon XD... Read more
That's so cool!! I'm loving it XD Did you see I tried to animate the first one: yuni.us/static/games/helmut/
I'm thinking he looks kinda like a bendy mension's buttler XD
Also an idea, Ruby could have two forms, first as Roberto (just a suspicious fella) then the more advanced gummy version ;D Read more
... I finally finish Stefano imgur.com/a/YtYpwlK ... XD.
I think he looks as a witch boy XD, and one quite committed into reach the level of his old master... even if that implies to make a lot of flexible experiments in many, many sexy boys... XD, also turning them into servants; maids, backguards, pets XP... even some living statues...

I also made Ruby imgur.com/a/tnItFmz ... I like the idea of having him a Roberto first, perhaps as some guy Helmut find before entering the mansion, Now he has vague memories and he's quite devoted to his new owner, but due his naiveness Helmut could deceive him in order to have success in his mission XD...

For Alfie, well, I imagine him more like some kind of merchant, as heΒ΄s perhaps inmune to Stefano hypnosis, primarily because his greed XP. So as he wants to make business with anyone, he arrived in the mansion to close some deals with Stefano, but also he could give Helmut assistance... XD Read more
These designs are awesome and I'm saving them carefully to put into the game! I'm more and more visualizing the idea in my head... the mansion consisting of rooms, the first room is always the entrance or lobby room (perhaps with Alfie or Roberto), the last room is always the final boss a.k.a. Stefano. In the middle there's a randomized maze of different rooms, perhaps each room dedicated to a character, but some rooms could be fillers and corridors with general "monsters".... Between rooms there are locked doors that only open on certain conditions... I'm still thinking but this seems like a good idea so far XD

For now I found a good game engine for the game and was testing it :3 Read more
You don't draw in this style nearly enough. I love these little sprites. They remind me of the little "femlins" that LeRoy Neiman used to draw in Playboy. I'd love to see you do more stuff with them. I think they'd be perfect for little comics.
-tbj Read more
Very glad you enjoyed them, soon we'll have a whole game in this style with many more sprites :3 Read more
I love those ideas XD... specially the locked rooms and hidden corridors, to add some element of exploration to the game... XD
Sorry for the delay, I was working on some challenges for Helmut.... in this case both sexy fellas with some combat training XP...
imgur.com/a/IztYcdv Read more
OMG Sooo cute!!! But I see this one as some kind of a different game with some running around and shooting bad things XD But I want to see them in the mansion if can figure out how to incorporate them OR perhaps the game idea will morph into something else over time... But regardless of the game, the own value of these sprites is GREAT!! I love the bulgy leotards so much, the literally ideal character outfits if you ask me! XD I wonder if all the good guys in the game should be in leotards and that's how you tell who's on the good side and needs to be rescued XD Read more
I finish the "tactical trio"... XD
imgur.com/a/lgjGaUI ... Read more
Really stunning! XD I'm in love with all your sprites!! I wonder what's your thoughts on Roberto in the human form XD
I was swamped by the great amount of work so was not able to continue animating yet or even replying to comments until now, but I'm looking forward to a few free days to make some progress with the game! Read more
Love the detail of the right hand flipping Read more
Hehe 😊 Read more
So glad you like them XD... specially the leotard/bulge combos XD... for me catsuits and leotards are the best for sexy fellas XP...

I made some minor changes, mostly in the proportions and in the eyes... but also a more substantial mod imgur.com/a/u7kYFFW .. to make them more suitable for the mansion, the trio for Stefano's personal entertainment XD...

I love the idea of human Roberto, and I think I could have it done in the weekend... XD Read more
I'm really looking forward to use all the sprites and ideas in the game in some form! :D I updated the game's perspective a bit to be above and isometric as I felt it would make building the world easier than a sideview. But will think of something to use the sideview sprites too, maybe a minigame or some kind of a "battle mode" ^^

Hope you'll try the human Roberto as he is a cutie and likes to take good care of his bulge...let's put it that way XP Read more
Read more
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