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Hadley 'n' Hadley

Mr. Roger Hadley messing with his double-jointed students. Yea, Rayn Hadley is actually his son and he's bitching about something to his dad, who's in turn warming up Eric de Beaumont, the French circus boy who, as we already know, moved to England for 1 year to get trained by this famous expert.

Dunno what Rayn is bitching about, but he's such a tragic character he'd bitch about everything.

Eric (maybe better known as Rouge, as in Moulin Rouge) is chill & quiet because he's from France and can barely understand what they're talking about. He's only wondering if his investment's going to pay off because England is very expensive.

He's also a bit sad because Rayn, the boy of his dreams whose heart he wanted to steal from England happened to be straight, but at least they still get to train and perform together. Rayn treats him like a partner, but no kisses. Guess it's called a business partner, not the kind of partner Eric would like to be.

Mr. Hadley is training Eric to do "the snail", one of the most advanced poses in modern contortionism. Rayn could do the snail since he was 8, but for Eric it's still a great challenge, his mom never taught him that.

Rayn himself is a naturally flexible young man who started as a flexible boy who loved to lay on his tummy, push hands against the floor and arch his back and tilt his head backwards to study the upside-down world behind him. It was pretty cool considering he wasn't trained to do such a thing. That bad habit flourished into an art form, thanks to his dad who decided to use this opportunity to finally make his lazy kid more interested in sports. After they watched a DVD about contortionists, his plan worked and all of a sudden this lazy kid started swimming, jogging and doing pushups in the morning. As a "reward" his dad was obliged to dig out everything about flexibility and apply the obtained knowledge during their evening exercises.

Mr. Hadley's job at the time was pretty boring, he was used to work for a very small company that specialized in helping other very small companies to get rid of the heaps of very small and unimportant business documents. At least he'd always be home by 6:00pm and could pay attention to his son. He didn't like beer so he had a plenty of time in the evening. For Rayn homework was top priority but it was usually already done and Rayn was just playing some videogame, laying on the big bed in his room in one of his unnaturally comfortable poses. After moving to the floor, they'd work out sometimes for 3 hours straight.

Since Mr. Hadley knew a great deal about small businesses, he felt like now he had the know-how to run his very own one, so he rented a studio and made some ads featuring Rayn. The studio had a special program for "double-jointed" children between 6-12 to help them develop a healthy body. Needless to say, Rayn was envied by other children, but also respected a lot as Mr. Hadley's son, he also helped other kids a lot while the trainer was absent and would run to the studio right after school. Mr. Hadley, in turn, really hoped that his son would inherit this new family business when he grows up because his experience and interest grew every year, and without him it would have been impossible to motivate the other kids.

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