😺 Gummy Catboy

Part 3

"People call me LimberJack!
Your morning wood is mine to grab!" 😘

The master of subtle innuendoes, Jack has always had a hard time to decide whether he should focus on being a bard or a contortionist? Make them laugh at funny songs and inspire them with the songs of bravery and hot looking heroes, or stun them with flexibility that surpassed even the grace of bellydancers on the list of the most beautiful things a body could do? Hmmmm...

"Why not both at once," wondered his majesty Prince Amurin, whose amusement was Jack's direct responsibility, "It would be twice as incredible when you could sing and joke in one of those mindblowing poses, make them even more amusing. I bet you could even play a lute while sitting on your head!"

OMG! Jack didn't expect the prince of Kozosht to be a genius at coming up with contortion challenges! Jack's only been in the palace for a few days but he was already envied by his older brother who served his kingdom for years! Well, what can he do if the prince turned out to have such a soft spot for soft-boned cuties? Maybe his brother should consider to take some contortion lessons and see what happens! Jack could even teach him a few things in exchange for ummm... a brotherly hug? 😄

© Jack the Cat belongs to FyraNuanser

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Difficult? No, it's basic.😘 Read more
Yeah, this can be easily done in just 3 steps, simply bend backwards and put your hands on the floor while keeping your legs straight, then bend more to get the head between your legs and finally get your shoulders and arms through the legs and push until your head touches the crotch. What's so difficult? 🤣 Read more
He looks so comfortable in that position, it even looks as deeper than a regular ruppel backbend, sometimes it really looks as if they relied a lot on their arms on top of their legs to "lock" themselves in that position, but Jack is just easily pushing through with almost no effort at all... gosh!! how flexible is he??? Read more
I dunno, in Fyra's canon things may be different and Jack is more like a bard and a jester, but in my non-canon version he's one of the most gifted contortionists in his world! Some foreign kings probably even wanted to exchange him for gold and diamonds but were rejected because a unique talent cannot be measured in such common riches. Plus prince Amurin doesn't have the internet with millions of contortion pictures, Jack is probably the only contortionist he knows so doubt that he'd part with him ;3 Read more
The stunning highlight of this series so far! Read more
Hehe, thank you so much!!
Shining out like a shaft of gold when all around is dark! 😁 Read more
😍 Read more
😊 Read more
I'm enamored! Such a great composition, the perspective the pose, the shifting of weight between the legs... It's a winner Read more
I'm so happy you enjoyed! :D
The shifting of weight...yeah, almost looks like he's warming up his legs XD Read more
There is the golden thong! Yessss! 😉 Read more
Well, it's also on other pics like this one 😁 Read more
Thanks so much for bringing Jack back in "legendary" form! I think this might be my favourite so far.
As for canon, Jack can certainly do a bit of contortion as it is interwoven with the arts he has studied such as acrobatics, wrestling and ballet, and of course his feline suppleness makes this easier for him. However, in his canon world he is known as a court jester rather than a contortionist.
The gold thong is certainly canon! He has several, all gifts from Amurin.
F. Read more
I'm so glad that you enjoyed these fantasies about Jack! :D

The gold thong must be expensive then, I'm sure Amurin is very pleased when Jack wears nothing but his gift during their intimate time together.

Yes I know the canon but I thought perhaps he's a court jester and a bard during most of the day, but when in private with his majesty he's got some more special tricks like this to amuse Amurin. Jack could consider his more advanced contortions to have a strong erotic value (rather than being funny), thus the best stunts are only for the eyes of Amurin, never exposed during his public buffoonery... Of course, some of his flexibility would probably show through during the wrestling exercises and I guess that's why he's a popular wrestler and people don't come to watch him for his strength but for those feats of "feline suppleness" here and there :D Read more
Oh, you are absolutely spot on about the intimate use of Jack's bendy talents! Amurin has very sophisticated requirements! Read more
He must be really treasuring Jack :D Read more
That is such a great, cocky, pose. Your poses are always great, but this one is a little moreso.
-tbj Read more
Thank you so much! So glad the poses are enjoyable and sexy as they are intended, and not just "painful to look at" as most of the lemmings perceive them :D Read more
Fyra is such hot wildcard, wanted to properly praise his charming smile from first moment he appeared once again.
I know he is doing insane contortion pose right in front of our eyes but I love most just how satisfied he himself is - inner glow of happiness!
Story is entertaining too... hmm yet I envy that rich prince ehmm X-p
Shifty Read more
His name is Jack, Fyra is the artist who created him :P I heard the most important circus skill is not to sit on your own head but to smile while doing so :D I imagine Jack's trainer told him at a young age that stretching with a smile will take you twice as far and Jack planted that idea in his mind like a seed that kept giving him wonderful fruits in his training every day :D Read more
Playful And Sexy !! Read more
Hehe, thank you 🥰 Read more
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