All the Way

"The more I eavesdropped, the harder I blushed, first they kept talking about something that should be 'good for the act', then one of them asked 'get on top of me' and 'hold me tight' and 'push it all the way already' and 'yes I'm okay, harder...harder!' and then all that panting, hot damn!!"

Stops eavesdropping on contortionists!! You're gonna get it all wrong! XD

Anyhoo, I got inspired by these cuties so wanted to draw them:

Brothers in Arms
Have you met my brother?
Two dagger problem?

Jack (below) and Hubert (above) belong to FyraNuanser ©

Thanks to Fyra for making a 3D version of this!! :D

Brothers in Bends

What do you think? 😄
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