Fullmoon Madness

This is the bend, beautiful friend :D

There are times when you have no memory of what you do at night, you wake up with an odd feeling of having had a deep back massage and your spine gets more flexible day after day... The feeling is amazing but feels a little out of control.

If you have this regularly, we can help! Here at the Backfolde Sanitarium we can transform your fullmoon madness into fantastic world-class contortion skills! Discover your hidden bendy talents and use them to their full beautiful potential! Easily gather an internet following from all over the world and stop performing just for the stars, the moon and an occassional confused crow! :D

The Backfolde Sanitarium. For the crazy flexible.

After seeing 3DSilverFox making the illustration of his bendy boy that he said was inspired by my art, I liked it so much that wanted to draw more of him! :3

p.s. The background characters may be the witch Gabby and his cat Damien?

What do you think? 😄
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