French Kiss

A little gift for Aldric, inspired by her characters Melvin and Kylian from the drawing The Ladybug and the Leaf :3

Melvin and Kylian have been classmates for a very long time but never cared about each other. No wonder, Melvin was the first student in the class, always wearing glasses and looking cool, and Kylian was just a lazy punk child with spiky hair, who spent most of the time playing video games and listening to loud music. They were the exact opposites and pretty much ignored each other...

Until the destiny brought them together: one day their school opened a new circus class for students who wanted to try circus arts instead of the regular gym. The class taught a variety of circus arts: juggling, tight-rope walking, balancing, acrobatics and contortion. But for some weird reason Melvin and Kylian were the only boys who chose to practice contortion.

The teacher was very open-minded and accepted the boys but had to ask what was their reason to choose contortion. They gave the same exact reason that it has been their favorite thing since they were kids, except Melvin called it "such a beautiful form of art" and Kylian called it "a cool thing that people can do with their bodies", but in general their message was the same ^o^

After that they saw each other in a completely different light and found so many things in common, and since then have been a couple! :3

Because of this joint passion, they polished each other's skills to perfection. They bent for each other, stretched each other and complimented each other all day. Their personalities also blended together: Melvin became more free expressing himself, while Kylian revealed his intelligent side.

But nothing they loved more than wearing biketards, nothing was more sexy for them than seeing each other wearing that type of leotards. And they had a whole colorful wardrobe of them: from the black ballet types, to dress-like silky ones, to tight and smooth spandex ones... and so on.

They performed for each other, they performed together, or they just sat to kiss and hug like all normal boys, but sometimes they even kissed and hugged while performing! Oh, those were the days! :3

Characters belong to Aldric ©

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