🌈 Four Seasons with Martin

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This picture is the one I wanted to see bigger, and I was right. I love the design work on the bodysuit. The seams running down the front, the flame looking pattern running down each side... Those legs! And I always love a callback to Don't Turn Around. I love that one just as much as when it was new, and this one improved on it.

Sorry. I never know what to say when a piece is really good because there's so much to compliment and bring attention to. I'm also super biased because it's Martin... but I think these might be (at least some of) your best Martin pics. I can't stop looking at them.
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Thank you for such kind words! Martin is definitely one of my favorite characters, I'm always excited to create more artwork featuring him. I'm very happy that you still remember the old pictures of him like Don't Turn Around :D

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Lovely boy , lovely outfit 💕 Read more
Anatomy, fashion, composition, drama, eroticism - you have mastered them all! And the variety of styles in your work is likewise impressive. Read more
I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it! I have always been fascinated by human anatomy since I was young, and my passion has only grown stronger over time. The fact that so many people shy away from discussing or appreciating this form of art adds to its allure, making it seem like a rare gem hidden in a mountain of human ignorance. It feels like a secret treasure meant only for those who embrace the beauty of the human body - and themselves. Certainly not for those who destroy whatever they can't understand and then walk around all depressed, struggling to understand why they were even born to this "dull" planet... As the saying goes, "you reap what you sow" - and the world of today feels like a sea of those grim reapers who continuously tear down anything their single-neuron brains cannot comprehend. But rest assured, there are still countless shining diamonds hidden beneath layers of human waste.

So yes, the combination of beauty, sensuality, and emotional depth that can be achieved through erotic art is truly amazing. What makes it even more special for me are the incredible feats of physical skills like contortion, or the use of daring garments like lingerie leotards worn by androgynous boys. These elements come together to create a truly unique experience, unlike anything else in the world, standing at the pinnacle of Maslow's pyramid of needs... ;D Read more
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