Folded Alive!

A group of students goes to the jungle to investigate strange activities captured on a satellite. Unfortunately their airplane crashes into the very heart of the thick and unknown jungle, they get lost and shortly get captured by a mysterious tribe.

In the tribe's village they become witnesses of strange things being done to human bodies that none of them thought were anatomically possible. The youths of the tribe get their bodies stretched in such indescribable ways that the students don't even have words for most of the things they witness through the day.

But this turns out to be a mere preparation for the true horror that comes at midnight when the red moon rises and the whole tribe turns into flesh-bending zombies.

Locked inside a large animal cage, the students survive til sunrise, though all the things they see disturbs their sanity. One of the students proposes a theory that the tribesmen have to stretch their youths in order to prep them for the red moon when everyone in the tribe seems to lose their minds and only the most flexible youths survive.

The rest of the students find the theory reasonable and conclude there's probably nothing to fear until the next red moon, when all of a sudden the tribe starts preparing the students for a twisted ritual in front of the tribe's idol.

The smart student proposes another theory that they're going to be sacrificed to the red moon to thank the deity for not taking any lives last night, but the others tell him to shut up and think of some way to escape if he's so smart.

The smart pants proposes they should try to stretch and get their bodies flexible enough to survive what's to come. The rest of the students agree and start trying to recall their yoga classes.

Seeing their efforts, the tribesmen postpone the sacrifice and make it a daily habit to gather around their cage, chuckling and pointing fingers at the students and their clumsy attempts to stretch. The students conclude they're gonna be safe as long as they keep being clowns for the tribe.

A little tribute to horror movies :3