Fold o'Clock

Nothing like a middle-size cup of Jacobs in the middle of the fold day! I swear Yasha is looking more and more like Mad Hatter in this outfit and especially in these poses 🤣

Still... why is the raven like a writing-desk??? 🤯

What I also learned today, the name Yasha is sort of equivalent of Jacob and James (...what??), and it was originally a Sanskrit name meaning fame/glory.

That's funny because the actual stage name he sometimes uses is Jason, not Jacob. He loves the Greek mythology... the sculptures... the architecture... mmm yes, marble hotties standing not so straight between long, hard pillars 🏛️

What else's good about 2201's technology? Just a tiny hormonal adjustment and you never get the five o'clock shadow 😏

What do you think? 😄
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