Erik the Jester

"Mary, Mary! I saw such an awesome dream!!" Erika ran into the kitchen, her hair still completely uncombed after the sleep.

"What? How big were your boobs this time?" Mary pulled her beloved student closer and hugged the girl's so soft and narrow waist, while their busty chests squished together.

"Haha! I had no boobs this time!!"


"I was a medieval jester and I was a boy!" Erika grinned.

"Oh my god, I bet Freud would write you a book about it!" Mary shook her head.

"Who's Fred? Anyway, my chest was sooo flat and it felt amazing!"

"Even if you were a boy, I'd still love you, dear," Mary gave her a little smooch on the lips.

"Mmm... Mary! Don't worry about it, you were in my dream too! You were my master, Sir Marion!"

"And your name was Erik, I guess?" Mary laughed.

"Of course!!" Erika grinned wide. "Anyways, Sir Marion rescued this street urchin Erik one day and then raised him up as a personal jester. Erik the jester! The most amazing sexy flexy jester!!"

Mary laughed really hard. "Sooo... how did this sweet dream of yours end?"

"Oh! Just the alarm rang while I was dancing seductively and I ended up in Sir Marion's lap and we kissed and then when he squished my butt the alarm rang! I almost threw it against the wall!!"

"Well, how about we continue from that point in your dream after a little breakfast?"

"Oh great idea, Marion! I- I mean Mary!!" Erika blushed.