Ex-prince Arcus during his early days as a slave - being trained for a contortion performance to entertain King Asmodeus who captured him.

I wrote the following story which is probably dumb and crazy, so please don't take it seriousle ^-^ <3

The Story

This is a story about Arcus, formerly a prince in one of the infernal kingdoms where noble demons were used to wearing itaburi (tight belts) to demonstrate that they don't have to work, it's like wearing long sleeves, creaming hands, etc, just to show off that you're no worker. So prince Arcus had his waist trained since birth and it was one of the smallest in the kingdom.

But he always kind of hated his belt 'cause he couldn't do anything, he had to sit all day on the bench in the garden or something like that. But then there was a great war and his empire fell. Arcus was captured and enslaved by Asmodeus and as a slave he was forced into contortionism.

One would think, a prince, then a slave?.. But Arcus was just happy! He was deadly tired of all the noble things that seemed like a stupid waste of time but after he became a slave things changed a lot, in a year he grew a nice musculature because of all the hard work he was forced to do as well as a beautiful slim figure from wearing a tight belt for years.

So here's the story...

Once, King Asmodeus was sitting all bored like on his throne of flesh, made of various human parts (mostly buttocks for they're softer). Feeling blue, he called for his advisor Al-Baal, "There's a certain dance I have seen in my dream..." he said, "it was a joyful young man with a slender body full of grace, so at first I thought God is tempting me again with His heavenly tricks, the old man sure knows no mercy... but! Then his dancing figure started to melt like lava and his arms and legs intertwined like serpents in agony, squeezing tighter and tighter like a large knot of snakes until it stopped moving and only kept breathing as if he fell asleep. In disgust I still felt like reaching my hand and touching that ugly form that he became, and so I did. The ball shivered and unrolled smoothly and then I realized the knot of serpents was never here, and when I realized that, he took my hand and smiled... and I knew he was a demon, a very rare one who knew magic I have never seen..." Asmodeus licked his lips as he spoke, "Find me this demon, from my dream", he demanded.

Al-Baal bowed and walked away. He closed the door, coughed to clear his throat and took out his hellphone. "Listen," he said, "King wants a young male contortionist in two weeks, yes, a young. male. contortionist. Right. A very good one who can do all those crazy tricks, you know, like the ones that the circus girl could do, yes, the poor girl who fell and broke her neck. God, I'd never figure why Thou keep sending such innocent souls in our area! But then again, maybe she was a whore... So yes, you have two weeks to find the right guy. Wait! Make sure he has a slender body full of grace... What? No, I'm no poet, man, it's from King. What? Well, ummm...some of those Southern slaves I suppose, they have a rather slim build, unlike us mighty Northern warriors, hahaha! Chicks. Yeah, maybe that's just what he wants. Okay. Kisses."

And thus the hard days of training began for Arcus, he certainly had the slender body full of grace just like any prince in the history of his (ruined) empire, thus they needed to look no further, but this body kept refusing to turn into a large knot of serpents, however, the careful and loving hands of soldiers seemed to find a lot of fun in taming this wild beast. The longest two weeks in hell... it was way too warm in this infernal desert these days but the masterpiece required hourly care. While most citizens were shamelessly surfing the interwebs, our brave men, the best, the strongest of men, worked day and night to make the dream come true. To make the wonder possible. To build the future... argh!

Arcus was used to strange people doing strange things to his body since his early childhood. When he was a prince, putting on a 12 inches belt every morning was never an easy task, first a masseur would carefully push his internal organs away from the middle of his waist, then a silky ribbon would have to be wrapped around his tummy in two layers to make it easier to tighten the belt. The procedure of getting down to 12 inches usually took about an hour, until the royal healers were completely sure that the blood flow is not restricted. Arcus enjoyed the look of himself in the mirror, the belt made his hips look huge and the soft round belly popping right under the belt made him proud of his body. At such moments he'd think he's a perfection. The Hell's domain definitely had SUCH sights to show you...

Now, when the soldiers started doing some other weird thing with his body, it actually didn't surprise him very much. It surprised him a few days later, on a sultry day when his butt slightly touched his own shoulder-blade. He suddenly felt in love with the world, and his body, and the hands that were pushing him. He stopped crying and looked at the soldier, biting his lip.

"What now?" the man grunted.

"M...more", Arcus sobbed.

"Heh? Look guys, the boy got the taste!"

"He stopped whining?" a demon with a scar across his face appeared above Arcus.

"Yeah, Arcus says he wants more!" the soldier grinned.

"Hmm, it seemed like 'no more' yesterday..." the scar on the demon's face contorted along with his repulsive expression, "No more, not anymore, I will kill you all one day..."

"No, he said it! I swear! Am I right, Arcus?" the soldier winked.

The boy was too busy trying to get his shoulder-blade to touch the buttocks again. The scarred demon noticed the movement.

"My my, that's quite a curve there!" he whistled, "I didn't know it was...demonly possible! Look at that ribcage...oh my..."

"Yeah, he's like...more curvy than my girlie!" the soldier raised a brow.

"Your girlfriend can do this too??"

"No but when it comes to curves...."

"Shut up and push, you plebs!!" Arcus roared and immediately got a painful slap on his cheek.

"Stop commanding us like a friggin royalty. Asmodeus is the only king for you, for me and for everyone!" the bad smell from the demon's mouth made Arcus frown in disgust.

"Fine, let's double the force," said the scarred demon, coming from the other side to lay his heavy hands on the boy's shoulders...

* * *

White hair which shined in the moonlight
Dark skin that was as soft as silk
We often torture those we really like
It's hard to be a minion of the king

He danced and bent before the grinning smile
The acolyte of dark, so beautiful and soft
Moving the hips just like the king admired
His weightless clothes slowly doff'd

The oil'd young body shined and muscles played
Nice tiny panties, milky like his hair
The demon nodded and the boy obeyed
Joined hands together in the prayer

His dance renewed and snakes with envy died
The spectacle of shadows, flesh and oil
Plasticity a man would not survive
And suppleness which made blood boil

The ruler asked for more and more, aroused
The boy obeyed and slowly bowed in half
His belly muscles glittered as he posed
He smiled and caressed his own calf...

Two days ago he was in ropes and chained
Standing tied up and crying in the heat
For many hours he remained
Preparing for the coming meet

His crooked bones got used in a while
A perfect backbend but that's not enough
To please the demon king... oh what a painful trial
He gulped and rubbed his golden cuff

"More..." barely whispered the demon
The guardian stood up, tightened the belts
The other soldier of demonic semen
Stood there watching how the body melts

Could not resist, he tug'd at dancer's horns
The demon gasp'd, the torture's just too much
His back stretched more under his little moans
His hair and panties just each other touched

He shaked but stood, the bonds shrinked more
He couldn't stand this anymore
No pain no gain, no pain no gain
The demon king we entertain
The seconds pass, the minutes pass
This day of training is the last
I shall stand pain, I will survive
It takes so much to stay alive
Oh pain oh pain oh pain oh pain
The demon king we entertain
To bend in half, it takes so much
The only way, to reach and touch
For hours and hours to stay in heat
Preparing for the coming meet

A while ago, seems like a week
They found me hungry, lone and weak
My ship has wrecked, my kingdom's lost
I suffered all I feared the most
I was a prince, now I'm a slave
The lowborns teach me to behave
Now I'm a toy, a bendy boy
I dance to other people's joy
I learned to twist, I didn't know
My body could... I was like whoa!
It's funny though, I kinda like
There's always some kewl pose to strike ^^
It hurts me so but not for long
I...somehow think it's not so wrong
I love to dance, I never knew...
Refreshing like a morning dew

Ohhh...better now, got used again
What was the need for stupid chains?
The butt feels warm, oh God so nice...
I think I love this exercise
The demon king? He'll like, I'm sure
Today I'm even more secure
Just need to polish my horn ring
Cuz in two days I meet the king *__*

The hair as white as pure milk
Dark skin that's just as soft as silk...

~ THE END ^-^ ~