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Elven Bathhouse

My good friend Wahn had written the following adult fiction story, based on this illustration. Re-posted with permission, this story is also available at the author's FurAffinity account here.

Elven Bathhouse

Story by Wahn

The forests of the elves are so beautiful it's almost unreal. Wherever you might go, you'd get the impression of walking through a park! There's little difference between wild woods and village areas here, with it all looking lush and natural, yet clean and when you look closer, there are little pavements carefully laid just about everywhere, as if the whole kingdom was one huge green resort. Even while walking through the deepest forest, you can come across various little elven houses inhabited by elves whose duty is to let a traveller rest and feel at ease.

And here is one of these cute little wooden houses, coming into sight as you follow the path you are on. Nestled against against the rocky side of a mid-sized hill rising up in the summer forest, the structure is simply beautiful, all flowing lines of carved and decorated wood held together without even the hint of a nail. Elven homes being so very different than human abodes - be it the mud-brick houses or nomad's tents of your home nation to the south, or the Northerner's multi-story structures of thick beams and mortared stone. What you've already seen in the elven lands makes you more than a little happy to have chosen the slightly longer route back home after arranging the trade you were sent to get going.

Hah, you showed those merchants good that they can't pull a fast one on your people, even if you are a "southern barbarian", as they called you in not too silent murmurs. Even got a nice little amount of coins left - after throwing the first guy who insulted you out a (ground floor) window, trading did go rather smoothly. So when all was said and done, you decided on a little detour to see the fabled elven forest - and even though you've trekked through the peaceful woods half a day now, you still haven't gotten over having to stop and take in every idyllic detail when you come upon another such place as the house not too far to your right.

An extremely attractive young elf is sitting on the terrace, taking sips of mead from an overly large mug in his hands. He smiles as he watches you gape for a while, then soon draws your attention by playing with his long blond hair, gleaming golden in the warm rays of the sun. Seductively, he moves his loose oriental-style jacket slightly apart, revealing a bare hairless chest with deliciously soft-looking and yummy nipples. With the index finger of a smoothly raised hand, he circles one of them teasingly, then throws you an inviting look.

Apparently, this playful elf-boy is quite ready to serve a handsome human traveller. And well, you can't blame him - in your 'traditional' garb of nothing but a sturdy pair of fur-rimmed boots and a shaggy loincloth held around your hips by a broad belt, your body is a sight to behold. Foreigners usually stare - a lot - at the amount of muscles that your people typically have. Living in the dry lands next to the Great Desert sure does make you tough and fit. The flex of your bicep as you hold on to the weighty pack and bedroll slung over one shoulder seems to draw especially much attention from your new elven acquaintance.

His suggestive winking and smiling is making it harder and harder to stand still and just watch from a distance - and before you know it, your feet are on the path towards the cute elf's house. He's better than a gypsy when it comes to attracting attention. Your heart beats a bit faster as he stands up when you get close, every movement lithe and seemingly effortless, with even more of his beautiful body coming into sight as he pushes the jacket apart some more. "Hello good sir. Would you like a hot bath to relax from your travels? You can rub my butt too - it's part of the service," the elf says with a smile, then playfully strikes a pose that sticks out his small, but very well-rounded butt.

It is positively impossible to resist him! Eyes drawn down to the boy's rounded buttocks showing so very clearly in his tight, tight pants, you step up as if in a daze. Throat going dry as your lust flares up instantly, you swallow hard before replying confidently, "Yes, I do! And who wouldn't want to get his hands on a sweet ass like that!" Turning to face you more fully again, the blond elf brushes his long hair to the side and slowly runs a hand down over his slender chest, touching a hard and erect nipple before stroking down over smooth hairless skin to let his hand come to rest at the edge of his pants.

Forest-green eyes meet yours and you can see a victorious gleam in his eyes as a grin spreads over the young elf's face. He knows very well that you're hooked for good. With a naughty smirk, he wiggles his eyebrows and demonstratively looks down to the pouch hanging from your belt, giving a small nod. You can't suppress a little gasp as you realize that the sexy little minx isn't as innocent as his appearance might make it appear. This rest stop will cost you, that much is clear now - but the arousal raging inside yourself pushes all doubts aside. Horny from the elven teaser's show, you'd be ready to give almost anything for some time with such a beauty!

Hands a little clumsy in their rush to untie the bag even while watching the sexy boy slowly walk towards you and sway his hips, your outstretched money-pouch is accepted by the elf a short moment later. Weighing the leather bag in his hand for a second, the long-haired boy gives you a beaming smile. His other hand brushes down along your bare forearm in a soft and teasing touch. "Come with me please," he says in a sultry tone and walks over to an open doorway, casually dropping the money on a side table as he leads you inside the house. Your eyes can't help but follow his movements, wandering down from the golden hair over his tight little bottom and slender legs to the bare feet on which he gracefully takes step after step. Before you know, you're going after him yourself.

Moving through a comfy and well laid-out living room the elf goes to a door on the other side, pulling it open and waving you through into a well-sized chamber filled with relatively warm and wet air. The reason for that immediately becomes apparent, as you see that part of this elf's house isn't wood, as it has been built right here to make use of a small natural cave in the hillside - and there's a hot spring in it! From a narrow crack in the rock of the back wall, slightly steaming water runs in a merry trickle, filling a stone basin, and from the overflow of that down into a bathing pool big enough for several people that has been carved out of the stone floor. Ingenious, to have hot water ready for washing, as well as the somewhat cooler pool to soak and relax in.

The sexy elf closes the door behind the two of you to keep the warm air inside, then gently strokes over your muscled back and down your left arm - his hand barely able to reach even halfway around your bicep. With a gentle touch on your forearm, you're pulled along towards a curved wooden bench along the wall. As you lower your pack to the ground besides it in a clink of tools and weapons made from precious northern steel, the elf smiles and steps up, looking into your eyes with raised head and saying, "By the way, my name is Falaerin. But now - please, sit and relax. I want to set the mood properly for a nice, hot... bath." Winking at the last word, he gently pushes against your broad chest with his slender hand, then dances a few steps backwards with a giggle as you give a lusty grunt and try to grope his lithe body.

Relenting to allow the elven beauty the game he wants to play, you plop down on the bench and lean back, spreading your legs widely and starting to rub over the growing bulge under your loincloth. Falaerin smiles at this and proceeds to dance for you, waving his body in sinuous, flowing movements that show off every curve, every flexible bit of the elf-boy's shape. And as he does, he starts to discard his clothes, beginning with the leaf-embroidered jacket that the sexy minx lets slide off his shoulders by twisting his arms behind his back, pushing forward a narrow chest and those oh so tasty-looking nipples. As the piece of fabric falls to the ground, the dancer brushes his arms along the sides of his now bare chest, hands coming to a rest on the sides of his hips.

And like that, he gives you a breathtaking belly-dance, rolling his side by side in enticing movements and giving little thrusts into the air that show the growing excitement of his own maleness. Soon, Falaerin turns around in a little spin and sticks out his amazing ass, grinning at you over his shoulder and wiggling it around. Then he bends his body almost in half as he lets his hands slide down one leg, stretching further and further down until he touches the stone floor and looks at you with his head pressed to the side of his knee. Ass raised high, the cute elf proceeds to move his chest to the other leg, showing that he's flexible in all directions. He gives you a very naughty upside-down wink and puts his hands on the belt-line of his tight pants, pushing them down and further down over the rounded globes of his exposed buttocks.

For a moment, you think he's completely naked beneath, but then a shimmer of wispy material comes into sight from behind the edge of the pants, revealing almost see-through silken underwear. Held up by nothing more than single thin strands of pearly spider silk, the garment consists of a small triangle of fabric lying over the sweet treasure between his cheeks and allowing a half-glimpse at its pink-skinned opening. With held breath - and by now rock-hard cock - you watch as Falaerin pushes his tight pants down slowly, moving his spread legs closer together as the edge of bunched-up cloth passes inch after inch of soft flawless skin. When it finally reaches the blond elf-boy's ankles, he lithely pulls his foot out and wiggles its toes at you while standing on one leg, followed by the same move for the other leg.

Now - almost - naked, the bathhouse-boy straightens and stretches himself out fully, then turns around to allow you a full view of his whole form, thin and perfect as it is. The frontal triangle of silk of his underwear isn't any more concealing than the one over his ass, so you're treated with the enticing sight of his pair of nice and snug balls and a well-sized uncut cock on the beautiful elf. Falaerin stands still for a few seconds, basking in your horny stare's focus roaming over his body, then the young elf dances forwards towards you, all graceful moves and little smiles and winks as he gives you an amazing show. Soon, he's standing right before you and putting both hands on your chest in a feather-light touch as he leans in and steals a quick kiss from you.

"Let's get you ready for your bath," he sighs out in obvious arousal as he draws back from your lips, then moves to straddle one of your muscled legs, ass towards you as he faces towards your lower leg. As slender hands brush over the hairs of your sun-bronzed human leg, you grunt lustily and put your hands on his bare buttocks, kneading them with your fingers and drawing a panted moan from your little elf. "Ooh yes, sir. Your strong hands feel so good on my butt," Falaerin gasps and pushes his hips back against your touch, all the while working on the straps of your boots before finally pulling the first one off. He lets the heavy leather boot drop to the ground, then throws his head back and gives a loud moan as you rub a finger up and down between his buttocks.

The simply amazing butt that your elf calls his own his yours to play with at your leisure for a few moments more, then he gets his feet under him and stands up, raising his rear to just before your face before setting those slender feet of his down to both sides of your other leg and moving to straddle it in turn. Sliding back and forth along your thick and muscular thigh, this time the elf starts pulling on your boot without delay, as if impatient to get to the really good part. You catch him taking glimpses at your crotch as he works to get the other boot off too. Meanwhile, you play around a bit more with his rounded buttocks, then soon move on to pull aside his string-tanga and brush a finger over his hole. Judging from the immediate moan this draws from your elven twink, he's far from a novice in terms of getting someone's hard dick thrust balls-deep in there.

By the time your second boot clatters down on the ground, you've proceeded to push a first finger into the very tight, but yet easily yielding elven ass, winding Falaerin up something fierce. The elf is breathing quickly and has to clear his throat before he manages to say out loud, "Let's get that loincloth off and move this over to the pool." That said, he pulls off your probing finger with a little sigh, then turns around to get working on undoing your heavy belt. His own erect cock is more than evident in his silken undies, showing off with even a little wet spot at the tip. You use your own hands to explore the bathhouse-boy's body, stroking over his shoulders and feeling the soft, hairless skin of the sexy elf under your fingers. Reaching under him to lightly pinch his nipples, you have the elf panting and moaning by the time he pulls the loincloth off your hips.

Falaerin's hot breath washes over your manhood as he stares at it from up close, kneeling between your legs. Then he shakes out of his trance at seeing the thick prick between your legs, looking past the erect pole to give you an eager smile. "Come along please, good sir. Let me wash away the sweat and grime of your travels," the elf says in his friendly, hard to resist voice. And you you get to your feet with chuckle, dick swinging up and down, your host rushes ahead of you on lithe legs, moving to sit on a ledge besides the hot-water basin and picking up a soft-looking sponge as well as a slender bottle from a shelf worked into the wall. By the time you arrive to tower over his nearly naked form, Falaerin is ready to start washing you.

He does so with gentle touches of the big sponge in his hands, using it to apply the cleansing foam that a few drops of the bottle's liquid on the sponge creates, teasing you with feather-light brushes intermixed with him squeezing the sponge to let warm, no longer hot, water wash over you. Enjoying the sensual service of being washed - and lightly teased, with him keeping your arousal going with fleeting touches and a few light kisses on your body - you busy your hands with stroking the elf in turn. Falaerin's hair is so amazingly silkily smooth that you can barely stop touching it, and his size and beautiful body make your libido almost scream that he's perfect to be picked up and man-handled in any way you want.

Even so, something keeps your lust in check somehow - for now, at least. There is just an almost... magical air about Falaerin, the feel of his smooth skin under your fingers, his delicious smell and the knowing smiles he gives you. As the thought crosses your mind, you realize that this must be part of the natural magic powers elves are fabled to have. You're totally under this cute elven boy's spell - and yet, you can't bring yourself to care all that much. It is just so good to touch him, stroking and squeezing the elf while feeling his slender fingers and the sponge on your own body.

Soon, the area he is bathing and touching moves up and up, with Falaerin now also leaning in to plant a series of small kisses on your strong muscles, finally giving your nipples a few playful licks. Nnngghh - being with the smaller male is so very arousing. You still feel content with just caressing him, yet the arousal inside you builds more and more, making you quite tightly wound. A pleasant shudder runs down your body as he clears his throat and says in a sweet voice that can not be denied, "Please sir, lean down a bit. I have to wash your hair."

And you do - immediately, the thought of not going along with the friendly request (or any demand he might have) never even coming up in your mind. Warmth showers down upon you as Falaerin takes a bowl to draw clean water from the basin and pours it over you, washing the suds from your body and making your hair wet all the way through. Then the elf starts to run his hands through your shoulder-long, slightly shaggy mane - gently untangling the knots in it and massaging your head in slow circling movements. With your head bent forward, you're looking right at the slender boy's crotch and the semitransparent underwear he has on, their front triangle stretched out quite a bit by his proudly erect cock. Such an enticing sight in front of your eyes, you slide a hand between Falaerin's legs, reveling at the perfect smoothness of his skin and then cupping his balls through the silky fabric.

While stroking the outside of his thigh with the other hand, you fondle the young elf - drawing some soft moans from him as he still works on massaging in special cleansing gel from the little bottle he used earlier. Just like you're all wound-up and horny by now, so is he - and soon there even is a moment in which he pulls on your hair lightly trembling a little as a wet spot forms at the tip of his cock, soaking the thin material of his underwear in pre-cum. After speeding up his movements through your hair a bit more (and with it pretty clean by now anyways), Falaerin quickly washes out the suds with two bowls of hot water, then says in a breathy voice, "I'm done, good sir. Would you like to enjoy a soak in the p-"

And that's how far he gets as the trance-like state of being washed by him ends and you stand up, snatching the elf up by the hips and throwing him over your shoulder. Falaerin is surprisingly light - for a being proportioned like an eighteen year old human teen, even if he is very slender. "I know what I'll enjoy now," you say in a lusty chuckle, leaning your head to the side to give Falaerin's side a quick kiss and breathe in the pleasant scent of his body. Compared to the memories of rousing horse-play with your brothers, lifting the elf was almost effortless - and you can easily hold on to him with just one raised arm. One hand in a loose grip on those soft-skinned thighs of his, your second one is free to do other things - like giving him a playful slap on those well-rounded buttcheeks and groping the moaning elf hard. "Mmmh, yes sir!" he says in a loud pant, the jostling as you walk over towards the wooden bench rubbing his cock against your muscled shoulder.

Carrying your sexy elven host, you realize just how supple and flexible he really is - as Falaerin twists his upper body to kiss the back of your neck and even have a little nibble at your earlobe, huffing needy pants into your ear as he does so. Meanwhile, you're kneading his buttocks in a somewhat impatient and rough manner that speaks of your built-up lust... which only seems to turn him on more, judging from the throb of the elf's cock against your body. Quickly having crossed the distance to the wooden bench where your bathing fun-time started with Falaerin's strip show, you hook two fingers under the strap of his undies and pull. The silky fabric easily slides down over his smooth buttcheeks, but there's a snag at the front - prompting you to reach under him and slip the skimpy piece of fabric off a very erect elvish cock. After pulling Falaerin's last article of clothing down his long legs and off - giving him a little tickle on his slender feet and dainty toes in the process - you bunch up the fabric and bring it to your nose, taking a deep breath. Mmmh - the bathhouse-boy's fresh smell fills your nose, light yet masculine and with a faint undertone of sandalwood - as well as the heady scent of his pre.

"Gonna keep that!" you say out loud, throwing the undies over to land on your pack, then lower Falaerin to his feet and spin him around. He moans in excitement as your strong hand pushes his upper body down while you keep a tight grip on his hips with the other, bending him forward to brace himself against the bench. "Can't wait to get a piece of this," you grunt and grind your erection up and down between his buttcheeks, then crouch and attack his back-door with your tongue. Nose pressed between his shapely buttocks, you hold on to the boy's buttocks with both hands and lap at his crack. Falaerin's hole trembles as you touch it and he gives a needy gasp as you press in, his pucker readily spreading around your probing tongue. Yum - there doesn't seem to be any part of him that isn't incredibly delicious, although you're a bit baffled that the sweet elf's ass tastes slightly like strawberries. That can't be simply natural, or can it?

Pulling back a little for a moment, you spot an open vial on the bench next to where the elf is gripping the wooden boards, some strawberry-red droplets still clinging to its insides. Now when - how - did he manage to put that tasty booty-lube up his rear? You barely took your hands off his ass for a second since he washed you! Alas, you're too distracted to contemplate any more or even ask - as lust rises inside you with a roar when Falaerin shakes his hips a little and gives a playfully coy smile over his shoulder. That's it - you literally can't wait to feel his tunnel of love around your shaft anymore! With an almost shouted grunt, you snatch the elf up and grind your crotch against his body hotly. Arms holding on to the bathhouse-boy tightly, you then sit down with the pale-skinned beauty on your lap. Pushing his hips up a little and lining up your cock is a matter of seconds, then you pull your hands away from his buttocks and simply watch as his trained ass slides down over your pole all of its own.

"Nnnnngghhh! You feel so good inside me sir!" your slender elf moans loudly, taking in a gasped breath as his ass touches your balls and the curly hair of your pubes tickles his skin. He feels subtly different than any man you've ever fucked before - but then, they were all humans so it's not unexpected. Even though Falaerin is only as big as your friend Caiden was when you lost your virginity inside his ass a few years ago when you were both horny teenagers, his insides are far from having the crushing tightness of Cai's hole back then. No, Falaerin is very, very flexible instead - amazingly so. It was quite a sight to see his opening take your respectably thick pole with effortless ease, and now his inner walls lie snugly around your throbbing member without showing a sign of there being any limit to how far they'll stretch.

Taking hold of the elf's hips you slide him up and down on your pole, with his lovely ass enveloping the every little ridge and bump of the erection, lightly brushing the most sensitive spots. Falaerin feels warm and snug, yet totally flexible around your member, just amazing to be in. The pleasantly smooth sensations of fucking him might be compared to an excellent wine... something you enjoy for a long time, slowly only nipping - or building towards an orgasm - as compared to rougher and more immediate pleasure of a shot of whiskey - or the vice-like ass of the stable-boy you had before leaving the North-lands two days ago. Fuck, you almost came from just sinking yourself into his virgin booty. Fun, but nothing to last very long...

In comparison, Falaerin is... ah, you really think you could fuck him for hours, as the naughty knows just how to squeeze you with his inner muscles - at the right time to build arousal without forcing an all too rapid climax. At one point, you wrap your arms around his midriff, wanting to thrust him down on your prick especially hard - and as you do so, a definite bump can be felt forming beneath his belly-button as you bottom out. "Wow, this I got to see. Turn around baby!" you grunt loudly, turned on immensely by the fact that you're big enough inside the smaller elf to stretch not just his ass, but his body too. "Of course *moan* sir!" comes the eager reply from your slutty partner, and the elf plants his feet on your thighs just above the knees, then makes an arch of his body with hands braced on the ribbed bumps of your muscled abs. As his amazing rear pulls off your erection with a wet slurp, a shower of droplets trickle out of his hole to land on your crotch.

Damn - you've fucked him long enough in this sweet torture of long grinding that there's a man's load of pre-cum alone in him! The sexy sight of Falaerin's rounded buttocks and the somewhat sticky mess between them almost makes you wrench him back down on your cock to keep going, but you manage to hold back the urge with some effort. No, you wanna see what he'll do now - and enjoy the sight of his front-side as you fuck. Falaerin sure doesn't disappoint - he grins at you upside-down with his head stretched back far enough that he can look you in the eye and give a wink, then pushes off with his arms to whip into a standing position in one smooth move, balancing on your thighs. Once again, it strikes you just how light the elf is - as the load oh his whole form on your legs is barely that of a young human, comparable to your sister's sons or daughter climbing on their uncle's lap to play or hear a story. But Falaerin is far from being a child - as becomes obvious once again when he turns around and his perfectly shaped hard cock comes into sight, as does his beaming grin.

Balancing on your rock-solid legs, Falaerin comes to stand on just one slender limb of his, the other one bent at an angle to show off to you. In a fascinating bit of acrobatics, he then proceeds to jump to the other leg, changing his stance to a mirror of the previous one while in midair, then finally steps forward and stands on toe-tip on the bench, with his feet to the left and right of your hips. Crouching down in a very sexy pose that has his cock bounce up and down a little, the elf proceeds to lean forward, puts his hands on your pecs to brace himself and kisses you long and deep. Hah, he still - or again? - tastes like strawberries. This is so, so worth spending your saved coins on.

When your lips finally part again, Falaerin straightens himself with a pleased sigh, still crouching over your crotch on tip-toe. Then he puts on a cheeky grin, reaches under himself to line up just the right way and lowers himself onto your cock. With him willingly sinking down to be impaled on your manhood, not stopping till it is inside all the way, down to the balls, you see it all arousingly clearly this time. Your large shaft vanishing between those cheeks, then a little bulge forming just under his belly-button, growing with each passing second until there is a respectable little cock-bump visible. Bringing both hands to his chest, the elf giggles as he gently pushes the bulge to the side, making you grunt in arousal at the sensations this creates with your cock in his flexible insides.

That act of playful sex is all it takes to finally wear away your last bit of self-control. You went along with the slow and lengthy fuck for quite a while, but now your primal urges flare to life for good, roaring with the need to mate and breed! With a lightning-quick grab, your hands slide under the elf-boy's thighs, gripping around and on top. Pushing him up with your forearms, you immediately slam him down on your crotch with full force again, then proceed to hammer into the heavily panting elf. With each new thrust balls-deep into the boy your cock becomes visible as a bulge on his belly, which only fuels the fire of your arousal even more. Falaerin takes to the rough sex like a fish to water, gasping and almost screaming a long string of, "Yes. Yes! YESSS!!! Fuck me Sir! YEAH! Make use of your elvish slut! You feel sooo good inside me. Harder, please!"

Fucking your very receptive bottom like a wild man, throbbing cock plowing the sweet elf's ass rhythmically, it doesn't take all that long till your long-building orgasm finally builds to an explosive climax. With a roar worthy of a berserker's bloodlust, you buck into him with enough intensity to almost be a slap on his buttocks and blast away with the first big spurt of your potent seed. Hell, there is even a little twitch in his belly-bulge from the intensity of your cumshot, then another and another. As wound up as you are, your balls just keep sending more cum to flood the little slut's rear even after your normal volume would be reached, and soon the bulge in Falaerin's stomach isn't just your dick but also all the cum sloshing around inside him.

The act of getting bred by a handsome and muscular human is enough to drive your elven bathhouse-boy over the edge himself, and with a gasp of "I'm gonna cum soon sir!" he puts a hand on his cock and masturbates frantically. A few heartbeats later he starts to cum, the first long splash of elven nectar shooting out of his cock to splat against the wall over your left shoulder, followed by a spurt that streaks your left pec, and another on your chest, and another... It is almost unbelievable that there even is that much cum in Falaerin's balls, but he keeps on splattering you with further shots for more than a minute, clearly blissed out and out of his mind for the whole time. Elven orgasms are something else too, it seems.

Eventually, the show of Falaerin's orgasm starts to ebb off and you look down over yourself, seeing your muscles coated with lots of milky white droplets and streaks of cum. Opening your mouth to make a joking comment about him sure being a shooter, you find yourself on the receiving end of another spurt, this one surprisingly long as it hits you in the face, splashing your chin and lips. As you reflexively lick it off, your eyes widen in amazement. This stuff is... wow! Good, no amazing! Sweet and tasty and... wiping off more elf-boy nectar from your chest, you suck it off your fingers hungrily. Smiling down at you, clearly having expected this reaction, Falaerin says, "Let me help you with that, sir." He bends his chest forward in another show of his limber body, licking part of your abs clean while still being impaled on your cock. Having slurped up a good bit of cum, he then proceeds to show you his white-coated tongue and leans forward, allowing you to suck the sweet nectar off, leading over into a kiss.

The two of you make out in between partaking of his cum - either you swallowing it or him massaging some into your muscles - until eventually, Falaerin comes to rest his body against your chest, sighing in pleased relaxation. There is a short while in which you just sit together like that before he says in a sweet tone, "How about we go over to the pool and have a soak? The warmth is good to smooth out the strained muscles from your voyage and will help... revitalizing others." A conscious twitch around your half-soft cock inside his ass makes clear just what he means by that. Before you can reply, the elven minx pulls off your cock and stands up, keeping a hand over his hole to keep as much of your essence inside him as he can. With a bounce in his step and doing his best to wiggle his ass teasingly, Falaerin moves over to the pool set into the floor and slides into the warm water, dunking his head to get all of the long blond hair wet too.

You follow him a moment later, flexing your strong arms and legs as you stand up, then giving the elf a little show of poses that show off your body as you walk towards the pool. When you finally climb in and sit on a rocky ledge under the warm water, the sweet elf is by your side in an eye-blink, leaning in very close and touching your muscles in clear adoration.

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