Elbend is a large park and recreation center, its forests are cultivated and full of elven houses, including many special ones like cafes, massage parlors, bathhouses, hairdressers, small inns, etc.

But don't let the innocent fairytale scenery fool you! As the elven religion encourages, elves are very horny and sex-loving creatures, easily adding extra services to everything, for which this particular region is well known.

A hairdresser will attend to you naked while making you blush with "accidental" touches. A maid at the inn sometimes makes a mess on purpose, ready to clean up and be punished. A simple shoulder massage can turn into a lingam or nuru massage, and the bathhouse attendants will cleanse your body, but surely fill your mind with enough dirty thoughts for a week!

Most elven gardens are certified for nudists, so it is safe to go around naked without fear. There are even territories called Secret Gardens, where clothing is completely prohibited, especially around Nippledell, the capital of Elbend. These areas are official and not at all wild, more like decent villages, except decency is replaced by nudity and all the duties are performed by the nudies.

What do you think? 😄
Holy crap, not just amazingly hot bendy boy and girls but mind blowing landscapes! Really glad to see you sharing more of the world all these heart throbs reside in. Hope to see more locales, read more about them, and meet all the sexy folks that live there.

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Thank you so much! So fortunate to finally get the tools to visualize all the ideas, this AI image generation is crazy, can be used to spawn meaningless random pics, but with some more skills can be used to actually make pictures that you always wanted but never had the skills to make! So excited to make more soon! 😁 Read more
I sure know where to go for a long vacation if I ever end in Yunia by some mirracle (or in dream). You are improving as always by leaps and bounds with this new tool. It may not be total perfection we are used from other bendy art but it is still far better than most other landscape artists can do and you will get better even more soon!
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The lore of Yunia adds a lovely twist (pun intentional) to what would be a conventional if exceptionally beautiful landscape!

It might not be visible in the artwork, but right now there are all sorts of wonderful elven couplings happening in that chateau... and the bushes... and the forest... and the riverbank behind the bridge... and...<3 Read more
Thank you so much!! ^^ I can't take much credit here as the details were created by AI, I just tried to guide it to construct a nice place ^^

Wow, looks like every flower and every tree is moving to the rhythm but it sure doesn't look like just wind XD Read more
I can't be the only one here who had to look up what a "nuru" massage was. :D

Yunia... not only an epic vacation spot, it's educational too! Read more
They will teach you things 😏 Read more
It's like a Thomas Kink-ade.

I'll sit down and be quiet.
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