👙 Early Days

Have you ever felt like buying a package of underwear just because of the hot model on the cover? Well, that's how most people first discovered Martin back in the day!

When one-piece swimsuits for boys were still new to the market, it was some of Martin's earliest photo shoots as a model that gained him a crowd of fans who would buy the suits just to cut out his pictures and pin them above their beds.

And if you already have a swimsuit to go with it, why not as well try it on? I mean, how many boys back then saw that handsome package in the shop, and just a few weeks later you saw them waxing their legs and letting their locks grow wild? Those were the days!

What do you think? 😄
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Omg he looks so amazing 👏 😍
Im so hard right now because of him, glad to see Martin is back and comments back too!
I definitely need more Martin in underwear and leotards in my life 😍😍🍑🍑🩲🍆🥰 Read more
imagine the yellow thong filled to the brim... Read more
Superb! But I also need back view ;) Read more
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Hahahahahaha!!! I can't believe you finally got around to doing it! You mashed him up with Tommy Wilde!

The bigger version of "Birthday Suit" will always be my favourite version of Martin, but this made me very happy. I'm serious... This has absolutely made my day, if not month, in a lot of ways, and I deeply appreciate it. Thank you for taking the time, and thank you for sharing it.

Here's the music video, in case you lost it. It's not a "real" music video - it was specifically made for a porn he was in called "Head Bangers". It's really him singing, though, and it's my understanding he did try and make a go of a singing career for a while.

Seriously, thank you.

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Mmmmm . Such a Sweet💕 Bulge ! Read more
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I'd buy all of them. Mostly because the model is so hot! <3
Are these suits delivered "including decoration"? Read more
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