Desert Spirit

"Can't you see it? Just squint your eyes! And now let's make it dance a bit too!" XD

Samedi learned to do the splits sooner than she learned to walk and since been a contortion prodigy of the Benduti tribe!

"They call me WORM since the day I was born!"

As required by the priestess's profession, Samedi is able to summon the spirits using nothing but the silhouette of her own body and the unlimited motion range of her limbs. The otherworldly magical creatures pop up from thin air and one only needs to squint their eyes to see them!

Bearing the impossible strain in her joints and muscles, Samedi goes into a trance, allowing the summoned spirit to possess her body entirely and communicate with the tribe through the language of the crazy flexible dance where her limbs are crooked and bones twisted to the rhythm of the drums!

But the prodigious young lady is enjoying every bit of the physically demanding job, having the two lovely boys, Lundi and Mardi, as boyfriends and assistants. The tribe's always been extremely short on females, so many boys are raised to assume the role of women but true girls are treasured and kept in the most healthy conditions possible. But since the Benduti believe that health is measured by how flexible you are.... 9.9

An awesome idea from Angarei, hope it looks good ^^

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