🌪️ Dancing with the Clouds

He's making the world go round 😜

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What do you think? 😄
is this one of those hula hookers i've heard about? XD Read more
Back in 2016, it was going to be another pic of Yralan "Hulahooker" Lytheween but it was forgotten in the archives, unfinished until 2023 :D

I'm trying to see what other cool stuff I had unfinished since years ago and turn it into something cool... =D Read more
Glad to see you're ok. I really love your art and been a fan for years. I never posted before because I never had anything to say. However, don't ever think people hate you. There's always people who will love and respect you and what you do. Hope you feel better going forward. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. Read more
Thank you so much for your kind words! :D
I'm glad to hear that you've been a fan for years. It means a lot to me. And don't worry about not having anything to say before, I appreciate all feedback, big or small... Your support is what keeps me going.
A dark stormcloud can be still beautiful and intricate, what's much worse in my opinion is a clear sky for days and days...
Thank you again and I hope you have a great day as well! :D Read more
I really like this piece! It's unique and his anatomy is beautiful... Read more
Thank you so much, I'm very glad you enjoyed this pic! I always try to improve the anatomy as much as I can and fix as many visible flaws as I can, so it means a lot to hear that the result is enjoyable 😊 Read more
Oh My ! He's SO deliciously sexy ! Love ❤️ the bulge ! Read more
Thank you so much!! I also love the effect it creates, thinking it would be great to focus on more prominent bulges in the future... XD Read more
Wow! This is seriously sexy. Great detail throughout the whole piece. You are one of the best erotic artists that there is. Read more
I'm very glad you liked it so much!! Though I must admit this pic is kind of rare, it's not very often that I manage to reach this level of sexiness, so glad I found that old sketch from 2016 for this and managed to give it a new life in 2023 :D Read more
He`s adorable from hair to toes! Read more
Very glad you liked! 😁 Read more
He's mesmerizing. Beautiful. Read more
Thank you so much!! 😊 Read more
sehr spritzig und voller Elan - P R I M A -
Very lively and full of vigor Read more
Würde morgens keinen Kaffee brauchen, wenn er in der Nähe ist!
Wouldn't need coffee in the morning when he's around! Read more
First thought I have when looking at this beauty is an angel. He is dancing above clouds one with divine forces...
Attuned to relaxing happiness living in the moment, enjoying perfect body.

I do like lot angle and metalic feel of some parts.
Thank you for peak into heaven :)
Shifty Read more
Well, may look like an angel also because he's got a halo XD At first wanted to make him an elf from "Hulahooker" but thought an elf with a halo would be an overkill XD
Very glad you enjoyed him! Read more
Loving the loose package, just hanging loosely. So very hot Yuni! -[M] Read more
Thank you so much!! I had the same feeling that it might add to the overall freedom in the pic if it felt less restricted somehow, so glad the shape did the trick! It's amazing how just a small package can make such a big difference 🤣 Read more
The work you do with ai is really impressive, but I would like to see some traditional drawing too(and more pp😋). Anyway don't even think about stop making masterpieces. Read more
Thank you so much! Traditional drawing might be the norm, but that doesn't mean it's for everyone. Read more
I agree 100% with your fan who wrote "your art is one of the last things I have left to enjoy in life" that's exactly how I feel. Read more
I have a lot of that sort of dark apocalyptic feelings too. It feels like every year things just get more and more bizarre. Like, seriously, who needs more and more platforms to show ads and make money? Can't we just go back to a simpler time when people were more focused on ABS and making honey? 😂 It's like we're losing sight of what really matters. It's enough to make anyone feel down, and I'm happy if can contribute something different for contrast. Read more
This is stunning Read more
Thank you so much!! 😁 Read more
Astonishing work of art. Read more
I'm very glad that you enjoyed it! 😄 Read more
Looks great like ancient Greece goddess)) Just like Heroes of might and magic logo series. Read more
Heroes of Might & Magic - with blackjack and hula hookers 🤣 Read more
He looks very sexy, especially with those panties Read more
Thank you so much!! And you're absolutely right - that sexy package definitely made all the difference, like a cherry on top and the cake wouldn't look the same without it. Read more
In the sheer mass of generic AI kitsch it is even harder to stand out with pictures of sexy people. I was worrying, that with AI your art might lose the unique look, but I am optimistic about that. The recent posts start to look more like you again. You surely will master and dominate the technique! I hope the AI developers don´t restrict your expression of kinkiness. Read more
I understand your concern about my art potentially losing its unique look with the use of AI, but I'm confident that won't be the case. While AI can help me streamline certain processes and enhance my work, it doesn't has its own creativity or vision.

Why some recent pics didn't "look like me" was just because I tried to make some anime style pictures, it wasn't because of the AI itself.

As for my kinky expression, I'm not sure how AI developers can possibly restrict that... Anyway, thanks for your support and encouragement. It means a lot to me! Read more
Veo tu arte desde hace varios años y debo decir que es imposible aburrirse de el.
Estás experimentando constantemente y los resultados son hermosos! Eres realmente una inspiración! Nunca dejes de brillar ✨🛐
(perdón, no hablo bien ingles)
I have been seeing your art for several years and I must say that it is impossible to get bored of it.
You are constantly experimenting and the results are beautiful! You really are an inspiration! Never stop shining ✨🛐
(sorry, I don't speak English well) Read more
Vaya, muchas gracias! Es realmente increíble escuchar que entiendes mi amor por los experimentos y que disfrutas de los resultados. Es una lástima que algunas personas se apresuren a descartar una pieza completa solo porque no les gusta la IA o cualquier otra técnica nueva. Y no se preocupe en absoluto por no usar el inglés: siempre puedo traducir de la mayoría de los idiomas. Gracias de nuevo por sus amables palabras!
Wow, thank you very much! It's really amazing to hear that you understand my love for experiments and that you enjoy the results. It's a shame that some people are quick to scrap an entire piece just because they don't like the AI or any other new technique. And don't worry at all about not using English - I can always translate from most languages. Thanks again for your kind words! Read more
This fills me with yearning!
In my Mind's AI,
The gyrations are Monu-mentally Rhythmically
Thank you, Yuni!
-J Read more
AI am very glad you liked! ;D
Thank YOU for commenting! Read more
Very dynamic - I like it a lot - one of that people which can just walk in the right timing and the hoop keep cycling around so impressive. i like the little splash on his left foot for that extra momentum Read more
Awesome! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And I know what you mean - it's those little details that can really make a difference! Like, I was totally fooled by that small drop to the right of his knee just now - I thought it was dirt on my monitor XD Read more
The lines you used for the body make me think to a comic/cartoon style. And I love it! Read more
Thank you! I think comics often use realistic styles - some cartoons too... Read more
A real delight to see this image. You seem to be proficient in all of the genres, and this one, with a hint of a 1930's travel poster is a true gem. Merci. Read more
Elysium incarnate - a wonder to behold. Read more
I appreciate your kind words, but I must humbly clarify that this piece was not, in fact, meant to illustrate an afterlife scenario - instead, it encapsulates an idealistic vision of what many people yearn for during their lifetime - a sense of liberty, bliss, tranquility, and harmonious coexistence with nature... Though I must admit, I'd be more than willing to embrace death if such a paradise exists where one could gaze upon this mesmerizing boy as he dances for eternity! Read more
I viewed this while listening to Chopin's Etude Op 10, No 12 - a dynamic piano piece that captures the essence of this delightfully turbulent image. Read more
Wow, that piano piece by Mr. Chopin is amazing! It really adds a lot to this performance, doesn't it? The spirited syncopation goes so well with the boy's energetic dancing, and the dramatic crescendos make it even more exciting. Plus, the melancholic undertones make think about how short our lives are, urging us to seize every moment and make our existence truly extraordinary. But if I could choose, I'd just move to the Elysium right away and watch him dance for eternity! Read more
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