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Though he may not look like it, Yralan is one of the strongest hookers and disablers in the entire city of Elbend.

His combo of hoop dancing, gymnastics and impeccable nudity prove more than sufficient to hook fragile travelling adventurers.

His signature ability, Hula Hook, is a series of irresistable dancing movements performed almost on a single spot, affecting all adventurers in the line of sight and dealing enormous amount of arousal to them.

Hooked travellers are fully disabled for the entire dancing sequence and can be easily lured in for more and more interesting deals, getting their purses emptied with a gypsy's effectiveness.

Likes to hide behind rocks and wait to ambush his prey. When lust (for gold) strikes, he stands motionless behind a rock or under the cover of foliage, listening and watching. When a careless adventurer, like a horny barbarian, wanders close enough, Yralan gracefully walks out of his hiding spot, pinning the victim with his blinding full frontal nudity.

Sometimes this clever hooker plays a sleeping elf, exposing all his "treasures" to fool greedy adventurers that might try to pleasure themselves to the sight of the "careless napping elf" for free, and right after they're done he quickly wakes up and charges them for the show.

Few can keep their precious gold on them when his playful fingers crawl into their pockets. Not that anybody was disappointed about these "investments" so far as Yralan is known for offering a lot of bonuses and a fantastic service to make sure the clients "accidentally" travel through his working area again, whenever they have some more gold to spend.

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