Another happy circus family reunited ^__^ *sob*

What do you think? 😄
Dear Ms Yuni, Whatever happened to your body clay gallery? Beautiful surrealism is a dish best served amazing, just as you do! "Great minds think alike," said somebody. Here's to your continued improved mood. Always remember you are loved, wanted, and needed!!! You are deeply appreciated by your fans like me, and by the divine muse of art who inspires you! I wish you continued love and happiness always!!! I also wish I still was this child, in the playground of your mind! If i may be so bold as to ask, how do you plan ahead for your lovely art compostion despite your aphantasia? I love your magic world! Your luminous anatomical renderings are second to none! Keep on doing just as you do! Read more
I can't remember what the body clay was but maybe #body magic is what you're looking for?

Yes, I'm continuously happy ever since I added the comment feature to this website. People are really kind and it's a real life changer to read what others think about my characters and pictures!

I don't know, it's a very selective aphantasia, if I try to imagine a forest or a room my mind is like ".........." (literally a blank picture) but if I try to imagine someone doing a backbend, it's very easy! 😄 Read more
Dear Ms. Yuni, Thank you for enjoying and answering my message. You and your works bring me such joy. I don't know if my vivid mind's eye is a blessing or a curse, but knowing someone I greatly admire named Yuni imagines the same beautiful people, makes me feel normal and appreciated! Keep on being the fine human being that you are, and I can keep on being the little body magic boy in the playground of my mind. I do so value your very existence, brightening this scary world with your skills and talent and your beautiful soul! Read more
Thank you, but actually it's you who makes me feel normal and appreciated! I actually don't have that many skills and talents, perhaps more than an average person but much less than many artists. But I try to use the best I have to make contortion art and improve the world where a lot of contortionists can enjoy themselves. I wish I had so many more skills though, still hoping to make an adventure game set in my world one day... 😌 Read more
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