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Okay, hear me out guys. There is actuall ChessDrama going on rn. World champion -Magnus Carlsen around 2/3 weeks ago was playing in chess tournament against Hans Niemann. After he lost he ff'd from tournament what never happened before in his career. He did not say anything himself, but people are talking that he might be thinking Hans cheated. Hans used to cheat in the past when he was younger, so now its understandable some people might me suspicuous of him. Few days ago they were playing again and Carlsen resigned after making 1 move, what put even more fire into this drama. So far no1 had any proof Hans cheated, but there are a lot of theories. One of actually most popular and possible (however it sounds) is that he had some anal beans/smth like that, put down there and they were vibrating in some patternt that person from the outside was controlling and by doing that, telling him what to play next. That sounds weird but they are using some metal detectors and other security measures before the game, so its kinda the only way he could actually get some device with him. And now when i see Yuni doing "chess" content here, an thinking about the "fisting" or smth like that content thet also was here. And connecting it with this drama and this anal stuff drama... i think there is potential to do smth with it. Maybe a pic showing new security measures or smth like that? Also im sorry for my bad english, im not very smart and yeah ;/ Read more
That's weird if it's true, now chess players, smart and intelligent people, will have to live in the world of anal vibrator memes 😭 Read more
*beads i meant, damn now that i read this i can see how bad my english is lmao

sorry once again Read more
I love this piece. Looking over it, I get the feeling you're trying something new with how you render the face? It has a soft, romantic look to it (romantic not in the relationship sense, but as in the romantic period of art). There's a sensual quality to it that wasn't so present in earlier drawings of Andrzej? Maybe it's the lips. In any case I like it and the bend is stunning, of course.
--Alldenspa Read more
I don't know, I'm working by intuition, never felt like trying to analyze it so much 😅 Read more
That's even cuter! Please tell me you have more Andrzej! Read more
Thanks, I sure have more of him I guess 😅 Read more
I am checkmated by that ass!!! Read more
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Seeing the smile on Andrzej in such a contorted and extreme position makes me believe his body can be pushed much much further. I wonder if we're going to ever truly see what are his (in)human limits are, and what would happen if they were to be broken. I don't know what Andrzej thinks about this idea, but he might be willing to break some of his joints and bones to break his own limits (pun intended). Read more
I read that bodybuilders suffer micro-tearings of their muscles every day during workout, the muscles restore during the resting hours and once restored they also grow bigger. Maybe contortionists, at least the really extreme fictional ones, use a similar technique and train themselves to micro-breaking of their joints that later restore in a more and more extreme stretchy form... Read more
It always amaze me how fresh almost each new fold is... despite being similar to previous ones. This is best example... oh yeah I hope that chesspiece is solid heavy stone giving Andrzej just right push to reach grandmaster level :)
He is brave not showing any tension but I think I can see very faint hint of concentration in his gracious look!
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Maybe pictures are like wine, to some people all wine is the same, some can tell a difference between red and white, dry and sweet, only some can tell apart brands and countries XD

Yeah, I wondered if the chess piece would look heavy enough, to me it still doesn't really look like contributing much to Andrzej's stretch but it looked nice anyway ^^ I'm mainly just trying to learn how to model more stuff in 3D, so it helps when I can use them in some artworks ^^ Read more
"King me!"
"That's checkers, not chess."
"What are you talking about?"
"You don't 'king' pieces in chess, that's only in checkers."
"No, I mean I want him to grab me and ravage me like a king."
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