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Bear Trap

After an hour of morning yoga with Mary, Martin walked back to his room. The huge teddy bear toy was sitting in the corner, a new gift from uncle Brian and the biggest teddy bear in Martin's collection.

These days Martin tried to be classy and varied, but his fans kept asking almost every day about some more like the "Teddy Bear Day" photo set which was one of his very first ones in some cheap gay studio, but it really cemented the image in people's mind it seems. It felt a bit childish but... suddenly Martin's whole body felt "why not?"

He put his expensive camera opposite of the big toy, made the picture look perfect and picked the remote control.

He always wanted to become a nudist photographer and so he started with simple nudity in his early career, but very soon it started to feel boring. Why? Well, mostly thanks to his gymnast girlfriend Erika who kept expanding Martin's vision beyond what average photographers normally work with...

Martin grew to love not just to expose the body but also uncover its hidden abilities, for that matter Erika was his favorite model, her body was a wonder to work with, so unbelievably flexible, which also inspired Martin to get more flexible himself.

He quickly regained his own flexibility thanks to Mary's help and his childhood's ballet classes. His parents did notice it very early that the boy is super pretty and so they wanted him to become a famous dancer. Well, he's always been quite capable of sitting in the split since an early age, but now thanks to Mary he was also working on something new...

After taking about 20 pictures, he copy-pasted the best 3 of them straight on the internet, enjoying being immediately verbally raped by a couple dozen followers. But he didn't mind as it was now his life's goal of sorts to get filthy rich on the sexy stuff, first as a model, then as a photographer and a visual artist, perhaps make a few erotic movies if he ever makes a lot of money, and when he's really really old and has tons of models, contracts and exhibitions, he'd sip on the glass of martini and say "fuck yeah!"

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