Basil's Letter

An open letter and a photo we had received today from Basil Hadley, a talented young contortionist from Manchester, UK!

"Dear Daily Bend Readers,

My name is Basil Hadley. I'm the younger brother of the contortionist Rayn Hadley whom you might already know:

What my big brother can do has always been very inspiring to me. Whenever he had the time to play videogames with me, I'd always start bugging him to show me how to stretch instead. I know I was an annoying kid since he wanted to relax and play after his own hard training and performances... But I'll be a little selfish and say I'm proud of abusing his love to learn how to imitate his art to some degree. And now that I grew up to perform, I wanna push it as far as I can for you guys!

So here's my current progress, what do you think?

If you wanna see me live, I perform in Manchester, UK, the schedule is in my Daily Bend forum profile: BendyBasil2000.

All the bends!!
- Basil"

What do you think? 😄
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