The First Contact

Eric and Rayn collaborating in the contortion show "The First Contact" – the Extraterrestrial (Rayn) sharing the secrets of the humanoid form with the Earthman (Eric a.k.a. Rouge) as a gift to the human race. Appearing clumsy at first, at the end of the performance the Earthman exceeds his "teacher" demonstrating some incredible control over his body – now it's the Extraterrestrial's turn to imitate the moves; eventually it's the time for the alien to go home and he packs himself into a tiny UFO which then slowly flies upwards, lifted behind the curtain by the assistants. Agents in black suits and sunglasses appear on the stage and start testing the Earthman, grabbing his feet and pulling them in the opposite directions – once the Earthman is hanging in the split between two agents, they start pushing his legs upward into an oversplit until the Earthman's feet touch each other above his head. Locking the feet with handcuffs, the agents drag him away for "investigation".

This is the middle part of Eric and Rayn's long-expected joint show – two of the world's best contortionists, Rayn Hadley from England and Eric de Beaumont from France, finally made a 30-minute long Special for their fans. The show comes in 5 parts:

1. The Arrival (5 min)
2. The First Contact (9 min)
3. The Investigation (4 min)
4. Dreams (5 min)
5. Passing of the Knowledge (6 min)

1. The Arrival

Rayn's solo, showing the Alien's arrival to Earth, unpacking himself from the tiny UFO and exploring some of the Earth's casual objects (chair, aquarium, bathtub, bucket, etc) without any idea how to use them properly. Contortion and enterology (packing one's body inside small objects).

2. The First Contact

Joint performance and a sort of show off (already described above ^^). Duo contortion.

3. The Investigation

Eric's solo, secret agents test the Earthman by stretching and twisting his limbs in every impossible way, but upon finding out the whole alien knowledge is just about some useless contortions, they eventually leave him alone. Wonders of passive stretching (relaxed limb moved beyond its normal range of motion with the assistence of a partner).

4. Dreams

Joint performance, both of them "sleeping" at first, Eric then starts to "dream" of Rayn – Rayn's picture is projected on a huge screen above the sleeping Eric, Rayn gets up and begins a slow, dream-like performance, mostly balancing on the hands, eventually he falls asleep, and Eric, in turn, becomes his dream. Hand-balancing and slow contortion.

5. Passing of The Knowledge

Joint performance again, the stage is divided in two sections, one representing the Earth and the other showing the Alien planet, the Earthman and the Alien are teaching their children, passing the new knowledge to future generations. Synchronous double duo contortion (by that I meant two pairs of contortionists mirroring each other's moves XD).

The show became pretty successful and was filmed for a TV and DVD versions with a soundtrack bonus disc ^^ All music composed by Eric (a.k.a. Rouge), don't forget he's also a musical prodigy ^-^

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