🥇 Bare Maximum

"Have you seen this cutie before, Jim?"
"No, but I heard that he finished that new intense backfolding crash course."
"What's that?"
"It's ridiculous! Now they have the means to teach you the Ruppel Backbend in just 4 weeks!"
"Nonsense!! If anyone can get this good in just a month..."
"My thoughts exactly! The Octafold will soon be the bare minimum to get a job in the circus..."
"Hmm... but what will be the bare maximum?"
"That's it! Crazy to think what the real hardworking contortionists will soon have to offer if they want to stay on top!"
"Let's be honest Jim, most of them are bottoms anyway..."

What do you think? 😄
The lighting is beautiful and his anatomy is just entrancing! I can't take my eyes off all the lean muscles of his body, so perfectly lit to feature every curve!
--Alldenspa Read more
Thank you so much!! Love to see how muscles work when pushed into extreme positions, and I blame your gallery for the inspiration XD Read more
The shining, sweating muscles of the shoulder and the tricep. Oh My God! Read more
I hope all the sweating is natural from pushing himself so hard into this position and enjoying every bit of progress as his shoulders pass through 😳 Read more
I did not commented right away because I was searching for right words but its hard to find them... these are legs of god! and rest is not much behind. I understand it must been lot and lot of work but hell YES this is once again upgrade to your already superb works. Here is just much more details as musculature goes I know it is not usuall for you do do so many pictures of single character in row but I just wish more and more of them with such beautiful detail. And color palete you chosen is once again great to emphasize this moment.

And speaking of moment I feel like this one captured it somehow bit more than older pieces! Like it has more of "soul" or something.
And thinking about it more this is almost exactly the pose I was imagining in story about Danny (no doubt) inspired by your other previous works but yeah the way how he holds his feet and still is able to hold head high.
Ouch now some friend needs to come by and tie his hands where they are so he can and must reamin in this pose whole night X-)

Just great
Shifty Read more
Thank you so much! Very glad you enjoyed it! :D I'm sure he has a lot of friends who can hold him in this position all night XD Read more
Deon has the best cheekbones and jawline of all Yuni's OCs.
Prove me wrong! Read more
That depends on the lighting 😂 Read more
what about a character without bones or with very squishy bones? Read more
Well I had a character in the works with more bendable bones :D Read more
Such a sweet body 💕 Read more
So glad you enjoyed!! 😁 Read more
Esto es motivador👏
This is motivating Read more
Qué bueno que te gustó! :D
I'm glad you liked it! Read more
so geil, danke Read more
I hope you understand the reference, but you do side character dialogue as well as they did in the old LucasArts games. It's so over the top and ridiculous, but comes off as totally natural in a weird way.

That having been said, fuuuuu... This picture is intense. The flex of the muscles, his beautiful face with that expression of someone doing something incredibly hard and aware of how well they're doing it. It's concentration, pride, ecstasy, satisfaction.... all rolled into one that you've depicted perfectly. The shading, the camera angle... Everything about this picture is powerful and beautiful, and it's one of my favourites you've ever done. God damn. Thank you.
-tbj Read more
Haha! Now I can't stop imagining that whole dialog spoken by the Monkey Island cannibals XD

Must be good to have a crash course in contortion so his excitement from his own abilities is fresh. I imagine someone who trained since childhood would be a bit struggling to keep it fresh. Not to say you necessarily must lose the interest over the years but I imagine it must be way more exciting to do something when you're into it only for a few months and making this much progress :D

I'm excited that you enjoyed this work so much! :D Read more
The Monkey Island Zombies were exactly what was in my head, but I was worried you wouldn't get it. Hahaha...

Wait... Is this what happened to Melee Island after Le Chuck left? Pirate bars with human taffy for entertainment? I just picture Deon doing this on the table of those three pirates. That's the third game I want.
-tbj Read more
"Pirate bars with human taffy for entertainment"
🤣🤣🤣 I'll take two... Read more
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