🥁 Back Bend Boys

Boys gathered for a bend off 🤤

On Rhythmic Gymnastics – Helmut Jung
On Solo Contortion  – Andrzej Kowalczyk
On B(endy)ASS – Kagemaru
On Purrcussion – Vincent Black

"Time to shred those leotards to pieces with our bends!"

What do you think? 😄
Cool squad! Read more
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They look like the kind of guys I would like to encounter at night XD ... Read more
Very true XD Read more
This is one of the best works I saw 👀 in my art navigation 🧭. And wow for the new yuni.us webpage. It’s beautiful 🤩!!! Frohe Freiertage! Read more
Very glad that you enjoyed it 😄 Read more
Love this one... the best way to end the year XD Read more
Very glad you liked! Personally I prefer the Chinese New Year, it makes more sense to start a new year in spring, not at a random point in the middle of winter... XP Read more
Holy... I... Please tell me they take their time slowly slipping out of those leos? You know, for art reasons?
-tbj Read more
That would be quite a performance! Read more
У меня сегодня День Рождение...Вчера не смог зайти к Тебе на сайт - Выдавало что Тебя вообще нет - Я был в ужасе! А сегодня удалось зайти - Я в Восторге - Это такой подарок для меня - всё Твоё творчество!

Today is my birthday ... Yesterday I could not go to your site - It gave out that you were not there at all - I was terrified! And today I managed to enter - I am delighted - This is such a gift for me - all Your creativity! Read more
Думаю, тебе повезло больше, чем Иисусу, в свой день рождения он нашел здесь только слепящую белую страницу.
Guess you're luckier than Jesus, on his birthday he'd only find the blinding white page here. Read more
the new graphic design is insane, both the website and this masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥 Read more
I'm very glad this little change was refreshing! 😁 (and the new homepage design too!) Read more
I'll take ALL of them ! Too hard to choose only one !! Couldn't access your site the past few days , thought you got banned ! Read more
Thanks! Very glad you liked them 😊 Read more
OMG... that little drink of water on the right with the beauty mark. Is he new? I'd love to be a judge at that competition. Read more
Thank you so much! I think that's Andrzej :) Read more
Awesome!!! Read more
Thanks! :D Read more
We NEED to see them NUDE !! Read more
Can you send them over to my sylvester party - pleaaase :-)
Happy New Year and all the best for 2020 to you Yuni! Read more
I'm a straight man, but I really like your arts! What the hell is going on, I am straight, but I can't take my eyes off! Wait, oh SHI... 😳 Read more
I love coloring in darker shades, reflections and their legs :) Read more
Thank you so much! Tried to make nylon stockings to work... :3 Read more
for me as a non-binary person...does this count as gay or straight? xD
great work as always
i love them Read more
The blonde's nipples are driving me fuckin' bonkers. He's the only one in this boy band showing off his tits, so that's why I'm giving him due credit. I do like the boy to his left, standing beside the Shinobi presenting his ass-ets. 😉

Joshua Jey Read more
Yup, blonds and their soft pink nipples! Glad you enjoyed the firm ninja buttocks too, from his expression we can tell he's proud of all the training that went into that stripper-level rear. Also welcome back to my site, it's been a while... Read more
:) Read more
Is that two nipples and the edge of his leotard? XD Read more
I wanna make a certain type of video with these cuties ;) Read more
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Normally boy bands are not my thing but when presented like this? I'm all in. Four sexy performers packaged in sexy outfits, what's not to like? I mean, Kagemaru's behind!
/<o> Read more
Glad you liked! :D I was just working on hoodie leotards and ended up with with, so thought it could be a boys band XD Can't say I have any favorite boy bands either XDD Read more
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