Ariadne's Thread ๐Ÿงต

Part 2

The twisted plot of the movie "Ariadne's Thread" where Sergio played the main role. The movie received an award as one of the most historically accurate adaptations of the classical Greek myth...Est. Reading Time ~ 4-6 minutes ๐Ÿง

Minas, the ruler of Crete, puts her son, prince Ariadne, in charge of the Labyrinth of Teenage Waists.

Because of the perverted demon who haunts the Labyrinth, the Minoan civilization has the custom that every year a chosen youth is imprisoned in the Labyrinth, where they are mercilessly tormented by its demonic bully, the Minotaur.

When the Minotaur catches the unfortunate soul, he squeezes his hands around the youth's waist. The hellish torment can last for hours until the Minotaur gets tired and the victim manages to break free, but the hunt is never over...

It's finally that time of the year when Ariadne has to obey his ruling mother and fulfill his duties as a prince, welcoming a new sad prisoner to the Labyrinth. Suddenly the prince's heart pounds when he witnesses an incredible beauty...

This year's youth's name is Teasea and Ariadne likes and follows her immediately. Her perfectly flat chest, muscled abdomen, athletic shoulders and beautiful face make Ari's eyes widen and his mind go nuts from desire.

When they end up in a private room, Ariadne shares with Teasea his escape plan. The prince proposes that he would face the Minotaur in place of Teasea. The Minotaur is obsessed with crushing youthful waists, luckily, as a Minoan prince, Ariadne has a very small waist, but it would need to be made even smaller to satiate the Minotaur.

Ari brings a magical artifact that belongs to the royal family of Crete, a special string given to the family by gods a long time ago. The string extends from being soaked in water and shrinks greatly as it dries up. Its various magical qualities are optimal for waist training.

Teasea helps Ariadne to massage and train his waist during the day and at night Ariadne sleeps with the magical string on. This lasts for several days.

Ariadne can't get enough from Teasea's strong fingers massaging his waist, she could bend a metal rod into a ring easily... That gives the prince an idea. With Teasea's strength they put the first metal ring around Ariadne's waist and in the following days extend it to the total of ten rings, each thick as a finger and encircling his very backbone.

At the culmination of his waist training, Ari decides to confront the Minotaur who guards the exit from the Labyrinth. He lets his hair loose so they remind of Teasea's and steps into the light right before the Labyrinth's demon.

The Minotaur captures Ariadne, whom he takes for Teasea, but after getting a taste of his waist, immediately releases him and kneels before him. Ariadne's divine waist makes the Minotaur worship him like a deity, he says that he lived to see a waist that impressive and asks for any orders as Ariadne's faithful servant.

Ariadne, first and foremost, orders to treat his girlfriend with the same respect, so Teasea shows up and the Minotaur bows to her the same way.

The three leave the Labyrinth and go to Minas who is amazed that the demon was finally tamed and satiated after all these years. After his curse was lifted, the Minotaur proves to be a rather charming and delicate demon.

Both the Minotaur and Minas are most amazed by Ariadne's waist and Minas is particularly inspired to work to get a waist small as her son's. The Minotaur offers his help, and since the Labyrinth is no longer needed, Minas orders to change it into the Laboratory of waist-cinching, where any Minoan youth could be educated in the art of wasped waists.

Minas and the Minotaur curate the new school, while Minas is more and more addicted to being "tormented" by her Minotaur, and soon it's evident they're in love and happy together. Both the Minotaur and Teasea join the royal family of Crete and the four rulers keep doing a lot to refine the tiny-waisted Minoan culture.


Ariadne    Sergio
Teasea    Chelsea
The Minotaur    Kyle
Minas    Helen

Directed by
Helen Wood
$100 and 3 blowjobs

I love the picture (the story is real entertaining too.) The hazy monochrome kind of reminds me of a daguerreotype, perhaps from the private collection of a respected classicist and fetishist. The Greek and yogic connection just now reminded me of the gymnosophists of yore.
The film's cast is incredible, I can only hope for more shots, like the sibling waist cinching prep for the Minotaur. It's quite unsurprising the Minotaur couldn't help but worship Ariadne, such a perfectly constricted waist.
I'm most curious about those 3 blowjobs though...
Thanks for such a cool spin on a Greek classic Yuni.
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