Amtril's Pupil

Art from 2010 / Story from 2019
Thanks a lot to Gaeryn for inspiration!

Deon was born in the small city of Mahbend, a settlement in the Great Desert of Alshara but like many newborns in this poor city, he was left in a basket by the doors of the Mahbend orphanage.

It wasn't a bad fate, in fact if some family was too poor to raise a child, taking him to this orphanage was the only sane option. They knew how to make the right use of kids to get them both fed and fit. Contortion training was one of the options and Deon quickly succeeded at it.

Deon had no memory of it but he was told he was sitting in splits long before he learned to walk. As a child he'd often play in the sand, doing splits against the soft warm surface, trying to bury himself deeper and deeper. Then he started doing splits against a wall and then between two walls that were close to each other.

He always made it look so easy but nobody could repeat it. He quickly became the most flexible kid in the orphanage and his caretakers would often take him to the market place of the city to show the boy's gift to other people, which helped to get some donations.

When Deon was six, they were visited by a certain elven tourist who became particularly interested in Deon. The elf introduced himself as Amtril and said he was a royal contortionist at the court of the elven princess and now he was looking for a pupil who would agree to inherit his art.

As a proof, the elf had all the necessary papers on him but they weren't needed after seeing his incredible demonstration of contortion skills. Deon was charmed and everybody in the orphanage agreed this elf would make a better caretaker for the bendy boy than anybody else in the whole world.

This meant moving to Elbend to live in the elven palace but the training was promising to be quite extreme as the elves have created some incredibly refined taste in their lands, so today flexible performers have to be practically god-like to please. But this was the exact reason Amtril chose this human boy after seeing what he could do at such a young age.

Deon was very excited about moving to the land that had fame of being the very homeland of contortion itself. He had heard before about the elven lands only from tales and he had heard that elves are all very flexible, only some legendary humans could outbend the elves and that made Deon feel very proud that he might live to add another legend to the heap some day.

With the blessing of his former caretakers, Deon and his new trainer Amtril took a flying carpet to fly straight to the land of the elves where the boy immediately started his more advanced training.

Although the elven lands were very different from the desert, some things didn't change. Deon was often taken to the local elven market place where he also showed off for coin. It was nice to do something familiar. Only the words he got to hear were quite different, instead of "what a blessed child" people who visited the elven lands seemed more like they couldn't actually wait for Deon to grow up so they could hire him for something called a "private show".

His new caretaker Amtril was very pleased to see there wasn't much work left to do on Deon's body, it was unbelievably supple and stretchy in every imaginable direction, so it was only about polishing it up to perfection and maybe bringing some of the poses to a new level. The boy, in turn, was very surprised how easily his new teacher could put him in some positions that Deon had never tried before.

The next twelve years in the elven land passed surprisingly quickly, almost frighteningly quickly. Deon flourished into a long haired slender beauty, a dark angel with always innocent and optimistic eyes, and the smile that stretched as easily as every other part of his beautiful body. His contortions were magical and surprisingly pleasant to look at, it was hard to think of his extreme stretching being painful while seeing his vivacious smile while twisting himself in the most mind-blowing ways so easily and playfully.

On his eightteenth birthday he received quite a pile of offers to do private shows in various houses across Elbend. Doing private shows was something new and different. Luckily, he only had to do what he was trained to do and the rest was taken care of by the clients. His friends warned him about a lot of possible issues but surprisingly all his clients were exceptionally nice, probably Deon's always smiling face and curious personality helped to guard him from all the ills and odds of private entertainment. He jumped into it like a fish into water.

Pleasing everyone on the list took quite a while but Deon loved to see his pile of coins growing so high that he no longer could stack it up in one pillar. His teacher Amtril only laughed and told him he should start sharing with others or he'd fill up a whole treasure chest at this rate and turn into a lich.

Meanwhile Deon and Amtril kept training harder than ever, in every kind of sense. They inevitably had so much bodily contact that the training often turned into kissing and making out and back into training all the time. The human boy was youthful and adorable, the elf was at the peak of his own elven beauty, and they made love all day and night, except when either of them was hired for private shows, but that was exciting because they loved talking about their clients after.

The elven land had the widest and wildest range of clientele, from oiled up barbarians to sexy nobleboys in silky stockings and leotards, even an occasional pirate or bandit needed a regular break from his crimes with a beautiful bendy boy.

Elven hookers were very popular with muscled savages and refined aristocrates alike, and Deon was surprisingly close to an elf in his looks. Only one thing was troubling him. He had seen many old men, he was wise enough to be aware of the human fate and make his calculations.

Obviously, he had never seen an old elf. He realized that Amtril never changed a bit since the first day they met, neither did any other elf he knew. Some very young elven kids grew up, but the teenage-looking elves weren't in a hurry to mature any further.

Of course, Deon still looked a little bit younger than his teacher but he was so obviously and steadily catching up. Today he's still a beloved pupil, tomorrow he might be a crooked old man, then would the elf still want to see him, hug him and make love with him?

Soon Deon began to share his fears with practically every other client he got to work with. Most of them were just happy they were just in time to get a slice of the cake while it was still fresh, which only made Deon sad to hear.

But once he met a very strange traveler clad in a long black hooded cape and really nothing else. Though he didn't have much to cover in the first place, his beautiful muscled body was absolutely smooth down there between the legs. Deon never worked that hard in his life like on that night, yet it was impossible to tell if all his efforts had any effect at all. Most clients were more than transparent, this man was at the other end of the scale.

Too tired of his endless efforts jumping out of his skin to please this mysterious client, Deon just cuddled up with him. His muscled body was so inviting and somehow relaxing. Almost whispering, Deon told about his fears with not much hope in his voice. To his surprise the man said he could help. Deon had experienced all sort of pleasant feelings but never did he had a mindgasm before!

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