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Welcome to Al-Hedsit! :3

In the distant past, this desert settlement was established by roaming magicians who sought refuge in the many holes of the buttes. They utilized the numerous caves and crevices for both dwelling and laboratory purposes.

Despite their youthful appearance, these mages were wise beyond their looks. They became deeply fascinated by the power and mysteries of the desert, yearning to unlock the hidden energies and secrets of the hottest part of the world.

As time passed, these humble camps transformed into a renowned institution of magical learning, with an unwavering emphasis on the art of contortion. The school's founders recognized the importance of physical flexibility and agility in the practice of magic, and thus, they made it a cornerstone of the curriculum.

At the outset of their studies, first-year students are solely devoted to honing their physical abilities through rigorous stretching exercises. This foundation of flexibility and agility is crucial for the advanced studies that follow in the second year, where students begin to delve into the intricacies of magic and master the art of casting spells.

They begin to master the fundamental principles of magic, including telekinesis and levitation. These spells not only enhance their physical abilities, but also allow them to perform breathtaking feats of contortion that leave audiences in awe. Additionally, students learn charm spells that have the power to captivate and enchant their audience, taking their enjoyment to new heights.

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The land of Al-Hedsit is also home to desert elves who have a passion for music and dance. These elves are skilled at playing a variety of musical instruments, and they often come together to create beautiful melodies that echo across the desert sands.

Their music is inspired by the natural surroundings and the rhythms of the desert, and it is often described as being sensual and alluring for their extensive use of blown instruments - meowflauta, purrgano, pawa, etc.

The desert elves created a song called "The Dance of the Sands" which became one of their most famous melodies. The song was inspired by the shifting sands of the desert and the graceful movements of the elves as they danced.

Let my meowflauta sing
A melody so sweet
Inspired by desert sands and elven feet
A dance so graceful, a song so complete
Hear the beat, biatch, hear the beat

Hear the beat, biatch, hear the beat
Hear the beat, biatch, hear the beat
Hear the beat, biatch, hear the beat
Listen to the beat, bitch, fold to the beat

With a purrgano's beat
And a pawa's hum
The elves dance with grace
To the rhythm of some
Ancient melody
Written last thursday
Can you believe
Our flexibility and agility
Our performance on replay
All day, 'cause we move with ease
You'll be drawn to our pleas
As we got the beat, Gs, we got the beat

Hear the beat, biatch, hear the beat
Hear the beat, biatch, hear the beat
Hear the beat, biatch, hear the beat
Move your body to the beat, in Al-Hedsit

In unison our voices raise
The story of the sands
A tale that never fades!

The melody is slow and sensual, with a deep bass line that rumbles through the sands like a camel's footsteps. The wind blows across the desert, carrying the haunting notes of the meowflauta and pawa, blending them together in a way that is both soothing and erotic :3

As the elves dance to the music, their bodies move with a fluid grace that seems to defy the very laws of physics. They twirl and spin, their lithe forms blend into the shadows like ghosts of the desert. The purrgano adds a steady beat to the music, driving the elves forward as they dance.

The elves are famous for their exceptional flexibility and agility, which they effortlessly incorporate into their dance performances, making their dances even more mesmerizing to watch. Their bodies bend and contort in amazing ways, captivating audiences with their graceful movements. It's no wonder that the mages of Al-Hedsit often seek out the elves to exchange with them the secrets of contortion and flexibility.

In addition to their dancing, the elves are also skilled in other forms of contortion, such as acrobatics and posturemaking. They put on impressive displays of physical prowess, which often involve daring feats of flexibility. Whether they're performing for an audience or simply entertaining themselves, they always manage to bring a sense of joy and wonder to their activities.

Despite their minimal interest in magic, the desert elves are known for their expertise in managing and operating various forms of entertainment venues, such as taverns, brothels, and bathing houses. They cater to the carnal desires of their patrons by providing a sensual and immersive experience that appeals to both the mind and the body.

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Regardless of their different interests and pursuits, the mages and the elves often find common ground in their shared love of wonders. They often come together to enjoy each other's performances, or to simply relax and unwind in the company of like-minded individuals.

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gigantisch - Bryce Canyon / Utah - leider traf ich keinen Magier oder Elfen , die waren in ihren Verstecken.
Zauberhafte Scene, bin gespannt wie es in der WΓΌste weiter geht ...
gigantic - Bryce Canyon / Utah - unfortunately I did not meet any magicians or elves who were in their hiding places.
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There's so much going on in this pic that it almost feels like a Where's Waldo.

I was just explaining to someone a bit of hidden story in the Zelda games about the Gerudo. They're clearly Arabic inspired but their first song, "Gerudo Valley", is Flamenco. It makes sense if you know that the Moors were persecuted and forced to Andalusia, along with Jews, Gypsies, and Gitanos. Flamenco is a blending of all those styles. It could explain why the Gerudo are exiled to such a harsh desert where nobody else wants to be, why they have been referred to as "thieves"... It points to a dark history in Hyrule that's only referenced in passing by a musical style of one song.

That's what a lot of your stuff is like when you go crazy with the detail. :)
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