A Noble and a Beggar

"Not... SO... HARD!"

"Shhh.... just breathe calmly and will not hurt... too much"

"BUT.... TOO... TIGHT! I CAN'T... BREATHE... "

"I know it's tight... Maybe a little mouth-to-mouth to help your breathing?"

"*gulp* Y- yes... that might help..."

Nobles and beggars have only opposites and differences... But there's one single thing in the world they have in common: they both must fasten their belts real tight!

"Gasp... You're so... strong! *pant*"

"That because I always close my belts and corsets by myself! Sometimes takes a great muscle strength!"

Xegaki Gevanne is a strong tight-lacer, a beggar who turned into a pirate. Unfortunately, his ship wrecked this morning and he lost a lot of goods, including... his perfect corset!!

For two long hours his waist suffered growing fatter and fatter, until on the shore he met Roselith Noviliard, a noble from the very rich family of a cloth merchant.

Roselith is a model for a corsetiere and seeing Xega's suffering, he invited him to be a guest and maybe even join the corset company. Since then Xega devised to become a partner of this noble femboy until he gathers money for a new ship...

Xegaki & Roselith belong to Leonidas3090 ©
Story by Leonidas3090 and Yuni ;3