A New Elf in the Village!

Very few elves in the Oriental village have seen a dark skinned elf before, so when Aril Finastyë arrived, everybody found him incredibly charming.

He got admired even more once it became clear that he's moving to the Oriental village to live and study with Isaë Athandaliel, a famous contortion trainer. That news made all the elves who already loved him even happier, and they couldn't wait to see this beautiful boy performing.

Aril was learning his lessons very quickly, as if by magic, and very soon he was already able to do simple poses, and then even some advanced poses. His trainer Isaë had a lot of very interesting plans for the boy.

Because of their everyday closeness, the teacher and the student fell in love, and so Aril decided that he will live in the village even after his studies. But Isaë only smiled at that and gave his pupil a tender hug:

"You say 'after the studies' in such a serious voice, as if you really believe that contortion studies can ever be completed! Contortion is freedom, that means you'll always have a lot of room for improvement, no matter if you're a newbie or have ten years of practice behind your back, it's always exciting to push yourself a little more!"

Aril smiled and kissed his still young but already so wise teacher on the cheek: "I love you, master Isaë, and I can't wait to learn all these new things from you!"

And after this short conversation they got back to training, Aril was so excited that he trained for a whole remaining evening until Isaë called him to bed because it was nighttime and all the very soft sheets and pillows were patiently waiting for them.

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