🦁 A Ball of Sunshine

"Time to swallow my Pride..."

Just all of a sudden got abandoned by all my visitors after posting "horror" pictures for a week and trying to deal with this fact. Meanwhile found an unfinished picture of Martin from almost 2 years ago and thought this lion cub is pretty damn sexy, so I...ugh- finished him :D

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What do you think? 😄
I'll never abandon beautiful Yunitopia! Read more
Very glad to hear it but I guess I'll need to focus more on beautiful things... Strange, I always thought we had at least a few people who enjoyed more disturbing fetishes but the last week was a major disappointment... Read more
Sorry for my sudden absence, I haven't abandoned you Yuni, I just haven't had the time to share my thoughts on your latest pictures. I started a new job around the time when your Hardwood Goblin dropped, laboring mostly 12+ hour days, 6 days a week. As a result, I've barely had the time to appreciate your latest pieces.
Briefly, I found the Kristina piece mesmerizing, and was particularly fond of the Chelsea ones; the horrific weirdness simply had to center about her prodigious navel, which kind of got me in the mood for nauli vacuum work. I'll make time soon to properly share my thoughts on your latest works. Truthfully the daily horror drops were some of the best parts of my otherwise exhaustive, laborious days.
As for this piece, how fortunate that you have lifted it from the vault; it is great to see Martin again. His autofellatio piece is still perhaps my very favorite work of yours. I would swallow his pride as readily as he would his own. His beautiful backbend looks even more pleasing with the twist. His expression seems lascivious. The randy blond beast suspends tension so deftly. A shame that his pride is so scantily obscured.
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Thank you so much for clarifying, I just wanted to make sure things aren't broken because checking for comments again and again and not seeing any new ones for a long time was a bit creepy... From time to time you get to hear about governments doing weird things to the Internet, so never know when they cut the wrong wire. Plus you mentioned not being able to comment on another pic recently, and I'm still unable to track that issue...

I'm very glad you enjoyed the horror pieces, in a way you inspired some of them by commenting on the previous ones, in fact some of your previous comments inspired me to explore the darker side more. I always enjoyed horror movies and some grim scenes in them, and I tried doing some dark art in the past but always felt somehow discouraged to continue.

Ah yes, I almost totally forgot Martin had an autofellatio piece, had to check what you mean and then remembered it! But yeah, Martin's manhood is supposed to be much bigger than average, I'm pretty sure he had no problem licking it in his bathroom or bedroom, long before he learned the word "contortion". Strange that he actually was never meant to be a contortionist but he's now one of the most flexible guys, surpassed only by his son and wife... Read more
What a Wickedly Sexy 💕 facial expression ! Sweet delicious body, love ❤️ the Red hair ! Read more
Thank you so much!! 😊 Read more
Glad to see you back! I for one like the horror week pictures... And I like this very much too! Read more
Thanks! I guess all is well in the end 😄 Read more
I love how slender and delicate looking Martin always is!

Soft boy is best boy! <3 Read more
Thank you so much! I bet he tries to be as soft as the plushies he's collecting :D Read more
Still waiting for fora nude family portrait~😂 Read more
Oh, sorry! Did I forget about it? 😅 But I think it's a great idea! Will need to think of it... Read more
I'll again comment soon! Have lot things going on some happy, some not so :(
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Oh, no problem... Hope all is well that bends well 😂 Read more
He multiplies the beauty of the underlying shape. It's a great contrast of light and shadows, too. And gold+black clothes always make a noble impression.
I wonder how to read his glance. Is it saying "admire me?", or "come on, try it, too". Read more
Oops, I forgot to add the Zodiac tag but it's actually the sign of Leo... If you look here, there's also Gemini and Aries in the same style, might make other zodiacs some time later...

Ah yes, black+gold, that combination easily makes any other color choices look stupid. Well, that is until someone appears in black+pink... 🤣

I think he's maybe like "don't you agree flexible poses are way sexier than regular ones" 😘 (he is right, you know) Read more
I didn't leave, and I did enjoy the "horror" pictures. The extreme flexibility stuff is always fantastic to me. I'm disappointed others didn't enjoy them as much as I did. I thought they were great and shared them with others. I'm glad you're back, please don't let this get to you if you can. Been a fan of yours ever since Y! Gallery and will stay loyal.

I absolutely love this pic, Martin is always a favorite and that's a fantastic back bend! He's got such an amazing teasing look, and the twist to the back bend is amazing. I would love to see more of him. Shame that speedo is in the way, curse his ability to choose sturdy, stretchable contortion outfits~! Read more
Thank you so much!! Very glad you're still checking the site since ye olde times!! Also very glad you enjoyed his bendy back and that black underwear was probably meant to be a common feature with the other zodiac pics in the same style.

I would sure love to see more of Martin as well and also preferably without any underwear... Indeed a shame as he's supposed to be remarkably endowed 😜 (but I guess he does have other pictures too...) Read more
A) I'm always here for Martin, but also B) I'm also always here for your weirder stuff. Some of it is hard to look at for me, but I still appreciate the skill and effort you put into a piece. It wouldn't be so disturbing if you weren't so talented. It's like how the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre doesn't bother me in the slightest, but that remake a few years ago? It messed me up. I think any adult should be able to appreciate something without necessarily liking it.

You keep doing you, and I know I'll always be here for it.

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Iam glad you completed Martins artistic pose it is quite advanced and yet decent, "light"... backgroud interesting despite being simple. Well Iam just trying to say I glad it exist, worthy addition to zodiac collection.
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Thank you so much! ^^ Read more
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