🌅 7am Workout

In the year 2201, enhanced flexibility has become almost commonplace due to nanobots, improved genetics, and a global obsession with contortion. Teens can sit in the split while playing video games without breaking a sweat, while their grandmothers effortlessly reach their toes if they need to!

Gone are days when simple stretching and light workout two times a week made you stand out as remarkably fit. But did healthy lifestyle become a worldwide new norm? Well, barely! In a world where flexibility has become second nature to millions, the definition of a "healthy lifestyle" has shifted yet again...

Now, those who want to be seen as truly fit have to push their bodies so much further – 270 degree oversplits, full body twists and the Ruppel backbend is the least you can expect from a regular gym-goer!

The morning workout shows on the telly are packed with enthusiastic rubber-like hosts reaching out to the sleepy viewers, "One, two, three! Tighter! Now poke your nose towards your butt! Hold! Release! Again! More! Hell yeah! Now, to the other side!" 🤣

What do you think? 😄
Stunning, I'm absolutely loving it! And the style is a very interesting blend!
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Thanks! I was inspired by your recent work:
It just made me want to do something fitness/sports like XD Read more
(cont.) You can't be serious! I'm very happy to hear that. Makes my day :D
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By the way, I've just improved the lineart on this one, trying to make it more organic with the style... It had that effect if you take a pen and draw some "lineart" over a photo 🤣 (so I tried to fix it) Read more
Very energetic piece one can sense movement and tension in his arms and chest! Outfit shading everything blends so well into one beautiful Yasha :D
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Thank you so much! Like I said, was inspired by Allden's recent work (link above), and I'm happy the muscle tension can be felt! I remember Fisfis was a real pro at muscle work and showing tension, while most of my works feel a little bit like bubble gum bodies and I always wanted to improve that haha.. So the comment means a lot to me! :D Read more
I would watch TV again if there were morning programs like this on TV :) Read more
Well in this world it's safe to watch the TV, the worst you get is Painproofen ads XD But I think it's mostly contortionist shows, then the discovery channel about the recent discoveries of bendy figurines from ancient Egypt, then the weather forecast, when it's raining so you better stretch at home, then the movie "Hamlet: To bend or not to bend" and after midnight some fleXXXible films until the morning XD Read more
Such a deliciously Flexible boy 💕 Read more
Very glad you liked him! :3 Read more
It trully is great piece, this second version even more. I love when you can feel character stretching / flexing. Many of your images has such feeling such as this classic :)
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