Trying to train the AI to backbend. Just some better picks from the results :3

What do you think? 😄
I'd kill for that model/lora, too!
Unfortunately, my equipment isn't big enough for training models... :,,,( Read more
Hope I'll manage to develop a workflow that works better in the future - I don't want to share the LoRA and then every comment will be about how nobody can get any good results 😅 Read more
It is really interesting that even faces are very well aligned.
What is hardest about creating such LORA? Is it piecing together right dataset?
Shifty Read more
I'm not really sure how to reply - I think I probably shouldn't have shared these pictures ^^; Read more
Iam glad you shared and if you don't want to talk about details it is fine!
Shifty Read more
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