🗓️ 2201 Quarter I

Just for fun, a calendar for the year 2201 with alternative free days and many holidays unknown to us 😏

Seems Ramazir (formerly and old evil wizard) loved his new doll-like body so much that he wanted to try himself in the fashion business.

Although he has an invisible genitalia (yes, haha!), I guessed it only works when he's nude but would bulge normally with this leotard, so he used the "Silence of the Lambs" trick and held it tight between his thighs... As expected from his level of wisdom! 👍

© Ramazir was created by Shifty, you can read his story here...

What do you think? 😄
When one could think you couldn't make a sexier pic, you come and show us this XD.... amazing XD Read more
Thanks! Really surprised myself 😜 Read more
Wait, they're still using the same months/days so far in? Not even switching to Metric or Si? :P Read more
Hmm, I just searched for the actual calendar for 2201 and it showed this 😅 Read more
Are the weekends from Wednesday to Friday now? Ö Read more
Nah, those are the days where they work hard. The Fluid will not collect itself 😂 Read more
I love the WTF days XD Read more
Haha! Thanks!! That actually just gave me an idea for the future 😝 Read more
I have a suggestion for Q2......Falaerin! =)
Ramazir is beautiful but you know me.
/<o> Read more
Oh yeah, great idea! So glad you like Ramazir 😊 Read more
This calendar is the perfect gift for your not homo, not hetero, not bi, but yunisexual darling.

Btw, I couldn´t refrain from checking, the weekdays are correct for 2201 Read more
Well, I always liked my characters to be embodiment of freedom. I think humans are designed to be free. If the evolution's goal was to make a system where everybody has a fixed role and everybody works like robots, then it would be enough to make ants and anthills, why go further and create humans?

Yes, I looked up a real calendar for 2201 but I added a lot more holidays 😉 Read more
Коварен и очень опасен! 😏
Insidious and very dangerous! Read more
Как кошка, преследующая птицу (точнее петуха) 😜
Like a cat stalking a bird (more precisely a cock) Read more
Wow, I love his outfit!! Read more
Thank you!! 😊 Read more
Ramazir is very much like a pretty girl. Read more
Read more
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