Romir's Training

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Romir, a couple of years before he was officially named the Best Backbender in the world of Oriental:

The Best Backbender in Oriental

Romir was born to an elven family that was least expecting a contortionist son, but ever since birth his parents noticed the child's hyperflexibility.

By the age of three, touching his feet to his own head, putting them under his chin and even lower, became Romir's favorite, even though nobody ever taught him anything about contortion. It was such an extraordinary case that his parents decided to finally show him to the great teacher of contortion, Emaryl.

In Emaryl's caring hands Romir discovered his gem-like talent and became like the most precious ruby in the world of contortionism.

But having developed very strong romantic feelings for his teacher, Romir couldn't leave the village even for a day. It was unthinkable to live even one single day without his beloved Emaryl, and not a single person in the world could give Romir the love and care that Emaryl could give.

And so unlike many other students who enjoyed travelling a lot and showing their contortion skills around the world, Romir never toured the world, except when Emaryl could come along. Instead, people from all over the world had to visit the little village if they wanted to witness this rarest gem with their own eyes...

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