Romir's Training

This is a gift for my dear friend Aldric~

Romir, a cou­ple of years be­fore he was of­fi­cial­ly named the Best Back­ben­der in the world of Ori­en­tal:

Romir was born to an el­ven fam­i­ly that was least ex­pect­ing a con­tor­tion­ist son, but ever since birth his par­ents no­ticed the child's hy­per­flex­i­bil­i­ty.

By the age of three, touch­ing his feet to his own head, putting them un­der his chin and even low­er, be­came Romir's fa­vorite, even though no­body ever taught him any­thing about con­tor­tion. It was such an ex­tra­or­di­nary case that his par­ents de­cid­ed to fi­nal­ly show him to the great teacher of con­tor­tion, Emaryl.

In Emaryl's car­ing hands Romir dis­cov­ered his gem-like tal­ent and be­came like the most pre­cious ru­by in the world of con­tor­tion­ism.

But hav­ing de­vel­oped very strong ro­man­tic feel­ings for his teacher, Romir couldn't leave the vil­lage even for a day. It was un­think­able to live even one sin­gle day with­out his beloved Emaryl, and not a sin­gle per­son in the world could give Romir the love and care that Emaryl could give.

And so un­like many oth­er stu­dents who en­joyed trav­el­ling a lot and show­ing their con­tor­tion skills around the world, Romir nev­er toured the world, ex­cept when Emaryl could come along. In­stead, peo­ple from all over the world had to vis­it the lit­tle vil­lage if they want­ed to wit­ness this rarest gem with their own eyes...

Char­ac­ters be­long to Aldric ©
Art and text by Yu­ni

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