Romir: The Best Backbender in Oriental

A gift for Aldric ^.^

Emaryl is a teacher of con­tor­tion from Ori­en­tal, the el­ven coun­try where the art of con­tor­tion is just as com­mon as singing and danc­ing. He has trained many great con­tor­tion­ists: the leg­endary Aaulin and his broth­er Aorev, the twins Sy­las and Say­alin, Al­win and many oth­ers... ;3

But among them there was this boy whom Emaryl will nev­er for­get. The boy loved to do back­bends and it was like breath­ing for him, he en­joyed bend­ing back­wards ever since he was a lit­tle ba­by, and did it all the time. See­ing how much he en­joys it, his par­ents took him to Emaryl and the teacher was amazed at this boy's po­ten­tial and im­me­di­ate­ly took him un­der his wing. The boy, in turn, was very ex­cit­ed to be stretched by Emaryl's skill­ful hands that some­how found the way to bend him much fur­ther than he was used to.

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