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For­mer­ly a bal­let boy, kicked out for the em­barass­ing size of his man­hood which was stand­ing out too much even for bal­let's stan­dards.

He soon moved to his rich un­cle Bri­an's es­tate for the col­lege years, where his un­cle sud­den­ly found out about Mar­tin's se­cret in­ter­est when he caught the boy danc­ing in a girl's leo­tard in front of the mir­ror in his room.

Af­ter re­ceiv­ing a great sup­port from his un­cle, Mar­tin even­tu­al­ly de­cid­ed to be­come an an­drog­y­nous male mod­el and with his un­cle's help signed up to a few mod­el­ing agen­cies, rang­ing from fash­ion to erot­ic pho­tog­ra­phy.

To im­prove his ef­fem­i­nate curves Mar­tin joined a yo­ga class where his bi­sex­u­al­i­ty ful­ly flour­ished as he fell in love with both his yo­ga teacher Mary and her best stu­dent Eri­ka. Both of them soon al­so joined un­cle Bri­an's es­tate.

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