Don't Turn Around

Eri­ka and Mar­tin were play­ing around with leo­tards, tak­ing pic­tures, so this was one of the ones tak­en by Eri­ka.

Don't ask me how in the world did Mar­tin ever end up with the looks like this... No! In fact, do ask me. I think I can ac­tu­al­ly tell you the true sto­ry.

It be­gan a long, long time ago, back when Mar­tin was just an or­di­nary cute lit­tle kid. But it so hap­pened, my friends, that he on one fine day came across one im­age he could no longer un­see. It was but a mere ad­ver­tise­ment of some lace style one-piece lin­gerie un­der­wear in a shop but on that very day he lit­er­al­ly be­came a hunter for this kind of shapes that be­came his ab­solute ide­al. Yes, the per­fect fe­male form dressed for the night.

Mar­tin was con­vinced and con­vert­ed. A fash­ion mag he was once lucky to steal be­came his holy book, broth­ers and sis­ters, and the sports shop sell­ing rhyth­mic gym­nas­tics gear be­came his tem­ple that he vis­it­ed at least once a week. Pre­tend­ing to be in­ter­est­ed in bar­bells and back­packs, he kept stealth­ily peep­ing at all the shiny leo­tards and all the girls that would so eas­i­ly touch them and try them out.

His faith was so strong that he once even saw an an­gel. This an­gel ap­peared in the shape of a girl around four­teen, hav­ing her blond hair in a pony­tail and wear­ing a sportive out­fit. She looked like she just ran away from some ma­jor gym­nas­tic tour­na­ment, you know, and sure­ly she had the most grace­ful fig­ure the boy has ever seen! He felt his heart com­plete­ly stop when the girl sud­den­ly went out of the fit­ting room, dressed in noth­ing but the leo­tard she want­ed to buy, imag­ine? And this mag­i­cal be­ing whose looks com­plete­ly didn't be­long to this world, start­ed com­plain­ing to the man­ag­er about the fit­ting room be­ing too small to test the leo­tard.

Af­ter get­ting the per­mis­sion from the man­ag­er, she start­ed the tests by do­ing a heav­en­ly el­e­gant cart­wheel, then stretched her­self in­to a stand­ing split and then pro­ceed­ed with more and more so­phis­ti­cat­ed tests, bend­ing her­self for­ward to hug her knees and then bend­ing back­wards to pret­ty much the same ex­tent. Of course Mar­tin was used to watch gym­nas­tics on the tel­ly, and he even could still sit in a split him­self af­ter all those years of bal­let class­es that he took in his ear­li­er years, but had he ever seen some­one that ca­pa­ble? Not at all! Her back­bend­ing skills were just phe­nom­e­nal and she didn't want to stop af­ter fold­ing her back in half back­wards but went on pass­ing her adorable head fur­ther and fur­ther be­tween her own thighs with­out the slight­est shade of dis­com­fort, Mar­tin re­al­ly be­gan to fear that this tense cloth of her leo­tard might tear apart any mo­ment, leav­ing her in a most em­bar­rass­ing sit­u­a­tion imag­in­able in front of the quick­ly gath­er­ing crowd!

The girl smiled and shrugged her shoul­ders to the ap­plause that fol­lowed her short per­for­mance and told the stunned man­ag­er that the leo­tard was just per­fect for her needs and she's buy­ing it. "Fol­low her, tell her how much you love leo­tards too, she will love to hear it," Mar­tin's in­ner voice whis­pered in the mid­dle of his head, as his heart was now pound­ing at a dou­ble rate. But it was too much and he just kept stand­ing there, on­ly his lips slight­ly part­ed as he watched the girl come out of the fit­ting room in her more ca­su­al wear, pay and leave the shop.

Sud­den­ly Mar­tin didn't know what he was do­ing any­more, it was like a trance, he just went to the same man­ag­er. "M- my sis is in­to gym­nas­tics and umm, she looks just like that girl... So umm, she has a birth­day soon, and I thought maybe I can buy her that leo­tard as a gift?"

"Oh cer­tain­ly, young man! If you're sure about the size, then I'll just pack it for you," the man­ag­er stretched her face in­to a most pro­fes­sion­al smile. "So you'd like it to be pack­aged as a gift, per­haps?"

"Y- yes, that would be very nice, ma'am! Thank you!" Mar­tin couldn't be­lieve what was hap­pen­ing. I swear to God, af­ter leav­ing the shop he lit­er­al­ly ran back home! His very first leo­tard! The an­gel was sent to lead him all the way through to this price­less tro­phy. But would it re­al­ly fit? Of course it must, she was an an­gel af­ter all, so it would fit per­fect­ly! He felt as if his life had tru­ly be­gun on that very day.

Oh but you prob­a­bly won­der what hap­pened next? Well, like every per­son born with a beau­ti­ful face, Mar­tin has been su­per lucky in his life. In school he had strong friends who'd al­ways help him just for the chance of hav­ing him around, and all the teach­ers be­lieved that such a beau­ti­ful boy needs to have beau­ti­ful marks.

Dur­ing the high school Mar­tin moved to live with his un­cle who was ab­solute­ly in love with the boy and took a great care of him, still Mar­tin al­ways feared that things would change if his lit­tle in­ter­est was dis­cov­ered. Un­cle Bri­an was on­ly 10 years old­er than Mar­tin but he was an ex­treme­ly re­fined man who owned a man­sion in the city, had on­ly the finest guests and wore on­ly the finest dress­es. Mar­tin had two rooms in the man­sion all for him­self.

It all hap­pened as usu­al, "on one fine day". Mar­tin just got him­self a par­tic­u­lar­ly in­ter­est­ing piece of wear, a trans­par­ent lace style high-cut one-piece sexy lin­gerie un­der­wear that was bought "to win the heart of my girl­friend". Mar­tin didn't even know how long un­cle Bri­an was star­ing at his com­plete­ly open ass un­til he fi­nal­ly sensed his pres­ence. Mar­tin turned in­to stone, or rather a beau­ti­ful sculp­ture with the longest and smoothest legs imag­in­able, cov­ered on­ly in the se­mi-trans­par­ent lin­gerie. "Very beau­ti­ful," un­cle Bri­an fi­nal­ly spoke. Mar­tin felt weak in his legs of em­bar­rass­ment, it was the very first time he got caught and he al­ready imag­ined him­self pack­ag­ing things to leave the man­sion he loved so much and his dear un­cle who loved and trust­ed him so much and whom he just be­tr... wait, what did his un­cle just say? V- very beau­ti­ful?.. He stared at un­cle Bri­an in ut­ter dis­be­lief.

"I have a good new cam­era if you would like to pose," un­cle Bri­an con­tin­ued. Mar­tin on­ly shrugged shy­ly, he didn't even have enough time to get re­al­ly stressed and now it all felt like a dream, his body was get­ting warmer of all the feel­ings, em­bar­rass­ment and then sud­den hap­pi­ness... he just couldn't hold him­self and ran to his un­cle and hanged on his neck like he did many times be­fore when­ev­er un­cle Bri­an sur­prised him with a yet an­oth­er pre­cious gift.

Mar­tin even for­got there for a sec­ond that he was in fact hug­ging his un­cle while not wear­ing much him­self, and the on­ly piece he was wear­ing was not par­tic­u­lar­ly man­ly, let's say not man­ly at all. He on­ly re­al­ized that again when he sud­den­ly felt some­thing very un­usu­al, his un­cle didn't just hug him back like he al­ways did but in­stead Mar­tin felt his un­cle's hands gen­tly ca­ress­ing his sides and slow­ly get­ting down on his bare but­tocks. Mar­tin felt more and more drunk of some sweet dessert wine while be­ing com­plete­ly phys­i­cal­ly sober. He just des­per­ate­ly need­ed some taste in his mouth and his lips opened, search­ing for more sweet­ness. It was his very first kiss and his last se­mi-con­scious thought was that his un­cle's taste is just as re­fined as every­thing else about the man...

Mar­tin nev­er thought it would come to this, af­ter all he was idol­iz­ing the fe­male body for many years. He dreamed to be­come a pho­tog­ra­ph­er of fe­male nudes, he want­ed to dis­cov­er his in­ner woman to be able to reach per­fec­tion with his fu­ture mod­els. All his thoughts were about women, but now he was sleep­ing with a man and ad­mired him to no end. On the oth­er hand, his in­ner woman had nev­er felt so ful­filled and in­spired. Un­cle Bri­an was tak­ing sim­ply in­cred­i­ble shots of him and Mar­tin now had a yet an­oth­er room just for all his cross-dress­ing needs, it had a huge wardrobe, chests, lock­ers, mir­rors all across the wall, a large bed, sev­er­al chairs and so­fas, and even a corset-lac­ing ma­chine. Best of all, it still had a lot of space that kept in­spir­ing Mar­tin to dance around, and a pol­ished floor that he used to get his splits back from his child­hood years when he used to take bal­let class­es.

But lit­tle by lit­tle he be­gan to feel that just the splits and danc­ing were not enough, his body re­al­ly craved for more and he still had the im­age of that flex­i­ble an­gel from the sports shop stuck in his head way too clear­ly. Most of­ten un­cle Bri­an didn't need to be asked, he just un­der­stood every­thing by him­self and would al­ways make the most per­fect gifts to his nephew, and that was the case again when he sud­den­ly an­nounced that he found a re­al­ly good yo­ga gym not so far away for Mar­tin.

Mar­tin be­came re­al­ly fond of the yo­ga teacher in that gym who seemed to like him a lot. Her name was Mary and as far as he could tell she was around his un­cle's age, a cou­ple of years younger per­haps. Not on­ly she had an as­toun­ish­ing flex­i­bil­i­ty her­self but she some­how kept suc­ceed­ing to trans­fer her knowl­edge to Mar­tin day by day. Be­fore meet­ing her, he nev­er knew what an ex­cit­ing feel­ing it is to hold your feet against the back of your own head, but with her he could al­ready freely do it af­ter the first week, any time he want­ed! He just couldn't get enough of how much his whole body re­sponds to that stretch.

Around the mid­dle of his sec­ond week in the yo­ga gym he sud­den­ly wit­nessed an­oth­er an­gel. She was the most adorable crea­ture that had ever stepped in­to his eye's sight. At first Mar­tin thought she was Mary's young sis­ter be­cause of what a sweet hug they had but he wasn't sure any­more af­ter they shared such a sweet kiss on the lips that Mar­tin to­tal­ly didn't see com­ing. The girl then lay her head on Mary's busty chest and her eyes sud­den­ly lay right on Mar­tin. She rose her head and smiled wide.

"Mary, Mary, who's that beau­ti­ful girl with curly hair?"

"Oh, that's Mar­tin. He's a guy ac­tu­al­ly," Mary whis­pered as if telling a ter­ri­ble se­cret.

"Oh re­al­ly!? That's a guy??" the girl shout­ed out loud with her eyes round like a bird's.

"Yeah... he's my new stu­dent. Eri­ka, you wouldn't be­lieve how far I could take him in just a mere week!"

"Oh wow, I wan­na see!!!"

It took ex­act­ly a minute for Eri­ka and Mar­tin to be­come best friends for­ev­er. And it took ex­act­ly one week­end for Eri­ka, Mar­tin, Mary and Bri­an to get to know each oth­er so well that Bri­an in­vit­ed Mary and Eri­ka to be his guests in the man­sion for a whole month.

In the end Mar­tin was com­plete­ly con­fused about what's go­ing on. His teacher Mary was com­plete­ly en­am­oured by un­cle Bri­an's man­ners and Mar­tin some­times had to think again to re­mem­ber that Mary wasn't in fact his un­cle's wife, at least not yet. It might have made him jeal­ous if on­ly he wasn't him­self con­stant­ly busy with Eri­ka who just couldn't get enough of him. But at the same time Eri­ka nev­er stopped spend­ing time with Mary when­ev­er she wasn't busy with un­cle Bri­an, and that gave un­cle Bri­an some time to spend with his beloved nephew.

This bi­sex­u­al celtic knot of re­la­tion­ships worked like a charm but it on­ly reached its true pow­er when the four fi­nal­ly joined their forces all to­geth­er. It was the most in­sane month in each of their lives and more than any of them could have hoped to ever ex­pe­ri­ence. In the end Mary jok­ing­ly in­vit­ed Bri­an and Mar­tin to be guests at her own house for some time too, but to her sur­prise Bri­an ac­cept­ed the in­vi­ta­tion and they spent a week to­geth­er in Mary's small house. It was prob­a­bly the di­men­sions of the house but it made them all even clos­er. The celtic knot be­came in­cred­i­bly tight with­out be­ing tense.

It's kind of sad to fin­ish this writ­ing, my friends, be­cause I fear it would seem like one of those stan­dard "and they lived hap­pi­ly ever af­ter" end­ings, but I must say I re­al­ly mean this whole text on­ly as a pre­lude. Ei­ther way, I re­al­ly hope you en­joyed the read as much as I en­joyed writ­ing!! Even if I clear­ly en­joyed it way too much XD

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