Flex Cafe

Flex Cafe of­fers a very spe­cial type of morn­ing snacks, where the wait­er is the main in­gre­di­ent of the hot and de­li­cious break­fast!

It's not a sim­ple room where they slap a cup of cof­fee on your ta­ble and go away... It is al­ways a per­for­mance with a dance that is in­clud­ed in the pay­ment! :3

The wait­ers in the Flex Cafe are typ­i­cal­ly elves, as they have that nat­u­ral­ly friend­ly at­ti­tude, pleas­ant man­ners and youth­ful looks that make them the best work­ers in all kinds of ser­vices that work with clients: cof­fee hous­es, t-hous­es, bathing hous­es, hair styl­ists, nu­ru & lingam, and God of Love knows what else... XD

But back to the Flex Cafe, when you vis­it it you can choose what would boost your en­er­gy and mo­ti­va­tion the most in the morn­ing from a small menu like this:

Hot Dessert - hot cof­fee and cake served by an ori­en­tal bel­ly­dancer
Shibari Rolls - sushi rolls fresh­ly cut by a sexy nin­ja's katana
Sword Dance - buns and cheese sliced by a knight in skimpy ar­mor

Usu­al­ly the dance takes about 2-3 min­utes dur­ing which you're not sup­posed to touch the food as it is part of the dance, but af­ter the wait­er fin­ish­es and leaves, you can even eat! :3

But don't ex­pect the clean­ing up and pay­ment to be the most bor­ing part of the show! No­body leaves the Flex Cafe with a cap­puc­ci­no mous­tache!

Well, as much as it may seem that the client gets all the best bits, ac­tu­al­ly it's equal­ly pleas­ant for the wait­er. First, it's a nice phys­i­cal ex­er­cise in the morn­ing, like be­ing paid for go­ing in­to the gym for a cou­ple of hours. Sec­ond, they re­ceive enough pay­ments to af­ford a nice school and rent. Third, the su­per con­ve­nient sched­ule that al­lows them to work in the morn­ing and then the rest of the day is free to study, do oth­er jobs or re­lax :3

Thanks a lot to A.F. for the idea ^^

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