Basil Hadley

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"When I was a kid I loved fairytales, though never seen it coming to become a fairy myself when I grow up!" giggles the gymnast Basil Hadley from England.

All his childhood Basil was a very innocent boy, fond of nice books and plushie toys, and looking up to his older brother Rayn who was a circus contortionist. Basil always had his hair very long just like his brother's, and whenever his brother would come back home after work and wanted to relax and play videogames, Basil would bug him to stretch him a little too.

"In the end, he gave up and agreed to train me. He asked what I wanted to do the most and I said it's to fold completely in half backwards! He just said okay and showed me all the proper exercises to do when he's not at home. I used to think it would be impossible but in just a few weeks I was already laying around in a decent backbend while playing games with him!"

Since then Basil would spend a great deal of time with his back folded up. Everything turned into contortion training for him: doing homework, watching cartoons, reading books, until his back itself could fold like a book! Even his big brother grew jealous of such a tight fold and ended up convincing Basil to also join the circus.

"Well, I didn't sit in the circus for too long. On my 18th birthday friends took me to a nightclub for party and bloody hell, I was almost blinded by the beauty of the dancers. I mean now it seems like a normal part of the world but my, back then it was a complete revelation! I immediately had to quit the circus and ran off to that nightclub instead!"

Basil's bendy back immediately won him a place in the spotlight, and though he wasn't exactly a strong pole dancer, everyone's eyes were glued to his extremely soft, almost boneless body.

When Basil learned about the "Hoops of Tomorrow" from the Daily Bend magazine, he was already a pro stripper and wasn't shy to dance in nothing but high heels, but suddenly something clicked in his head again and he felt a bit nostalgic for his innocent childhood. But would it be possible to pull his life up together and combine all the things he ever loved? For sure!

Soon the gymnastics community witnessed their new idol. The Wonderland's Alice as a boy? Why not! Basil's online fans immediately jumped on the topic and bloated with all kinds of fanarts and fanfics about the male Alice in the land of shrooms and magic potions.
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