Double Trick

Once up­on a time there was a girl named Mel­onie, who lived in the coun­try­side and ran her own mel­on farm. The ac­tu­al mel­ons aside, her own mel­ons were pret­ty big them­selves and she was so pop­u­lar than when she gave birth to adorable twin boys it was way dif­fi­cult for any­body in par­tic­u­lar to claim to be their fa­ther, so she named them Diego and Lu­cas and de­cid­ed to raise them up by her­self at the mel­on farm.

The boys were very nice and loved their mom very much, and like many young coun­try­side kids they loved play­ing "bendy games" in the back­yard of their house. Al­most since day one Diego's fa­vorite be­came bend­ing back­wards while for Lu­cas it was front­bend­ing that he en­joyed the most. They looked the same, so the on­ly way to tell them apart was to ask each boy to show off.

Their fa­vorite game was to mir­ror each oth­er's pos­es while bend­ing in the dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions. Mel­onie had a huge mir­ror in the house, so in the evening the boys would spend a lot of time in front of it to pol­ish the match­ing of their pos­es to per­fec­tion, while Mel­onie loved to watch them and telling them how good they looked or what they should change.

In their teens the boys be­came so en­thu­si­as­tic that they de­cid­ed to be­come pro­fes­sion­al con­tor­tion­ists and make a liv­ing off their shows. Their faces looked iden­ti­cal, but you could al­ways find out who is who, sim­ply by ask­ing: "Can you show me that amaz­ing back­bend every­body's talk­ing about!?" If the boy gets an­noyed, that's Lu­cas, he can't bend back­wards much fur­ther than most teens his age. But if he bends back­wards, folds in half, pass­es his shoul­ders be­tween his own thighs so they end up un­der his armpits, then lifts his head to his very crotch, grins at you and you just can't be­lieve what you're see­ing, then you sure­ly have Diego. Or you can ask about a "frontcurl" and the re­ac­tion will be just the same but op­po­site XD

Sauna ver­sion:

Thanks to taiknight for the idea of mir­ror­ing a back­bend and a front­bend ^^

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