Diego and Lucas at the Circus

Diego and Lu­cas are the twins who bend their bod­ies as grace­ful­ly as the swan bends his neck. Their act is so beau­ti­ful and full of el­e­gant po­si­tions that the au­di­ence some­times for­gets to no­tice how ex­treme it is. Hav­ing start­ed as small skin­ny boys, dur­ing their teens they had flour­ished in­to gor­geous young men, their bod­ies be­came more toned but their flex­i­bil­i­ty on­ly im­proved even more.
Be­ing twin broth­ers, they al­ways stretch to­geth­er and as­sist each oth­er as need­ed, and since they can al­ways be to­geth­er, some­times they'd prac­tice for a whole day!

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