Dawn of the Bent

Every­thing goes well deep in the trop­i­cal jun­gle for the friend­ly hunter-gath­er­er tribe of Ben­du­ti liv­ing by the Lim­bobo riv­er, un­til the wind starts bring­ing strange spores from the oth­er dis­tant shore, which has al­ways been a land un­known to the Ben­du­ti peo­ple.

As the sun goes down, so goes away the san­i­ty of a num­ber of peo­ple who run away deep in­to the jun­gle, chas­ing each oth­er, then group­ing up and twist­ing each oth­er's bod­ies in in­sane ways. The non­sen­si­cal ex­treme con­tor­tions last for sev­er­al hours un­til their ex­haust­ed bod­ies fi­nal­ly drop flat tired on the ground...

In the morn­ing a group of kids and their trib­al doc­tor can­not ex­plain why they woke up deep in the for­est to­geth­er, in­stead of their usu­al sleep­ing places back in their huts. As the kids com­plain about the burn­ing sen­sa­tions in their bod­ies, the doc­tor in­spects them, on­ly to find out that their bod­ies had be­come un­usu­al­ly lim­ber over night, and this burn­ing in their mus­cles does al­so al­low them to stretch and twist freely to al­most any de­gree, but there are no oth­er ma­li­cious symp­toms to be found, so they de­cide that the sud­den­ly ob­tained flex­i­bil­i­ty was some­how the bless­ing from the jun­gle spir­its.

They re­turn to the vil­lage to find out that they're not the on­ly ones to wake up in the for­est and the vil­lagers still keep get­ting back to their huts from all over the jun­gle. Un­able to ex­plain what hap­pened, the tribe lives through an­oth­er day, try­ing out all kinds of new things that their bod­ies are now ca­pa­ble of.

The next morn­ing the same group of kids and the doc­tor wake up far in the jun­gle once again, and again com­plain about the burn­ing sen­sa­tions in their mus­cles, joints and all over their spines. An­oth­er med­ical check-up leaves the doc­tor speech­less, see­ing how much more lim­ber their bod­ies had be­come, but all he can do is lead them back to the vil­lage.

The trib­al doc­tor gath­ers the whole tribe and asks every­one to bend back­wards as far as they can, and he is amazed to see that not on­ly the adults can take their heads to their own butts, but the youths can com­plete­ly fold in half back­wards and the kids can even bend all the way be­tween their own legs un­til hav­ing their thighs in their own armpits!

And that was just the be­gin­ning of what will be known as the glob­al epi­de­my of Back­folde­ria, which start­ed in this peace­ful jun­gle near the Lim­bobo riv­er...

This is a brand new ad­di­tion to the Bone­less fran­chise, which is a pre­quel to the non­sen­si­cal apoc­a­lyp­tic zom­bie mad­ness of Bone­less-2 :D Un­like its pre­desc...ok google, how the heck do you spell this word? Ah yeah, so un­like its pre­de­ces­sor, which was en­tire­ly made us­ing com­put­ers, Dawn of the Bent fea­tures re­al ac­tors from one of the yo­ga schools in In­dia, who were paid to train 24/7 for 2 years spe­cial­ly for this film!

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