Tribal Treatment

A trib­al doc­tor of­fers dai­ly ex­er­cis­es that are con­sid­ered to pro­tect chil­dren from evil spir­its, im­prove their health and pro­long life. The ex­er­cis­es have re­ju­ve­nat­ing and re­fresh­ing ef­fects, they make the body feel very light and re­laxed af­ter­wards.

Chil­dren start to en­gage in mild stretch­ing since birth and more ad­vanced stretch­ing since the age of about four. When they reach their teen years, they al­so start us­ing their back flex­i­bil­i­ty to par­tic­i­pate in rit­u­al dances be­lieved to bring for­tune to the whole vil­lage.

Girls drop the ex­er­cis­es when they first get preg­nant which of­ten hap­pens dur­ing their late teen years. Male youths usu­al­ly keep ex­er­cis­ing un­til the age of thir­ty and more. They use stretch­ing to im­prove their agili­ty and luck be­fore go­ing on a hunt, or to re­lax their back af­ter a day of hard work, de­pend­ing on their spe­cial­i­ty with­in the tribe.

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