Aorev's Morning

This is a gift for Aldric, the artist whose char­ac­ters and ideas al­ways make my day so much brighter! ^__^

It's my vi­sion of her elf Aorev from the tribe called Ori­en­tal. He's de­pict­ed at many dif­fer­ent ages but here I imag­ined him to be around eigh­teen.

I've been close­ly fol­low­ing Aldric's works for a few months al­ready and as much as I gath­ered, Ori­en­tal is an el­ven tribe where con­tor­tion isn't some­thing out of the norm but quite the con­trary, prac­ticed by al­most every elf, and "prac­ticed" is prob­a­bly a wrong word to use, more like en­joyed like a pleas­ant part of life, so for an Ori­en­tal elf learn­ing to bend that far by the age of eight­teen isn't some­thing ex­tra­or­di­nary but more like a nat­ur­al de­vel­op­ment curve.

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