Part 1

This is a little gift to my friend A.F. based on his contortion logo design for the rubber-fetish-contortion club "The Snake Youth" that I tried to turn into a real person using our character Helmut Jung 😉

Helmut's signature style is bending at sharp angles instead of curves, trying to bend one point to extremes while keeping the rest of the body straight if possible. That gave this skinny young man a special style and made him famous as "The Zigzag Boy".

WOW! 😁
Seems he zigzag so much he could catch some zzz like that XD Does not need a pillow as can sleep on his ass 😆
Красное и чёрное - это классика! Не меняй на розовые сопли! Молния это не только свастика, но и электрический ток в глазах Хельмута, который пронзил моё сердце...этот разряд смертелен!
Red and black are classics! Don't change to pink snot! The lightning is not only a swastika, but an electric current in the eyes of Helmut, which pierced my heart...his discharge is fatal!
Розовый на самом деле лучше, я все равно не любил красный. Но мне очень нравится поза "молния", и хорошо, что она вам тоже понравилась! 🤩
The pink is actually better, I didn't like red anyway. But I do like the "lightning" pose and it's good that you enjoyed it too!
Love the latex ! Glad you liked! 😊
His technique looks really difficult. I´m curious, what else he can do in this angular way. Probably not very much else but it's still fun 😅
Oooh, that very smooth Latex(?) is back. Verrry nice and sexy.
Thank you so much!! I call it rubbersuit for simplicity 😅
so hot Thanks! 😊🍷
💌 What do you think?

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