Yuri - Neon Tube

Yuri Krylenko is a contortionist from Ukraine. What would his very first public performance be like, back when he was a teenager?

He's actually being really shy here, in the middle of a huge circus audience. I thought he might have had a bit longer hair when he was younger but that's totally my wild guess.

Yuri is gay and has a boyfriend (don't know since what age), he loves tight clothing like speedos, catsuits, tanktops and skinny jeans. He dedicates his entire free time to contortionism, usually preferring to train in extremely hot rooms, up to 100°F / 37°C. His personal achievements include the extreme backbend with getting shoulders through the thighs, up to 360° oversplits and a variety of advanced yoga postures like kandasana.

His training in the backstage is usually far more intense than what he does on the stage, but this is a norm among contortionists, the most fantastic things are done in the backstage because actual performance is supposed to look fluent and easy :3

Yuri Krylenko is an OC of SpyHunter29 (and all the info above is based on his bio), I really like this character so I wanted to draw a fanart of him :3 This is also pretty much a clone of SpyHunter29's own drawing, I just wanted to make a tribute to it because I liked it so much! X3

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