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Sorry for no updates in the last 2 weeks, just been busy learning Java and trying to mod Minecraft πŸ˜‚

Mostly I'm trying to create a companion who's following you around and who's all sorts of unbreakable and invulnerable to damage, bouncing when he falls off high cliffs so you don't have to stress about losing him. And for starters the biggest task was to make him always follow even if you teleport far away or go into the Nether, but I was able to figure it out.

Next I think I'll turn him into a rubber boy and also add a Rubber Rickaxe to mine Contortium that you can feed him. Oooh and what if you can give Contortium to any kid in the village to convert him into your rubber boy trainee??

Not sure how it will look considering the blockiness of Minecraft but I was thinking to create that character with the body made of 3-4 boxes instead of just one box so he can fold himself into all the nearby barrels when he's sleepy 🀣

Anyway, sorry for the delay in the posting/replying, I think I'll take a break from coding for a couple of days and finish some pictures! 😜

What do you think? πŸ˜„
Yooo, Minecraft is one hell of a drug! I'm really tempted to start a new world now!
And the coding part seems so cool! Never even tried, so it's all magic for me, but it's so damn cool!
Also having a little bendy follower would be amazing! Like imagine having a little fella following you around and minding his own business bending and training while you're deep down mining, sweating and working your ass off so that you can finally get the diamonds and emeralds you need to be able to trade with the villagers some cool accessories for your companion. You'd reward him treats and gifts for his training while he pleases your eyes by showing off all the weird and fancy bendy poses he has been training while you were mining!
Best wishes and take care (and take your time off whenever you need!),
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If you're going to start a new world, I suggest looking at Terralith, it just changes the world into something really impressive. On November 30 I'm gonna start a new Terralith world in 1.18!

Yeah, Minecraft is so lonely in singleplayer, it would be great to have a companion, but I've yet to test him in a real game, hope he won't be getting in a way of mining and building...
I also think it's a great idea to reward him with gifts, maybe craft some jewelry for him to wear. And show him off to villagers, so they give you gold and food :D Read more
Those are wonderful news that you are having some programming "funn" :-)
That is the thing, you are just overall smart, can create beautiful images and also this website or even learn programming... thats well rare as is your art.

Iam like sure in few years you will create some proper mini yunia island with your characters doing their "things" :-) nothing super complicated... just 3D like adventure game where visitor can walk around and interract with cuties and bendies.

Contortium - wow super interesting name :-D that is what Iam talking about... so thoughtful... giving joy to read what you have to say.
Iam totally fine with you programming but looking forward to frequent updates :)
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Thanks! I tried making a Yunia game a few times and just can't make anything interesting πŸ˜‚ Read more
You are getting better with the animations--thank so much for the effort being put into improving it! Could you come up with some more nude or near nude backbend animation in the near future--you do those so well, soooo sexy and bendy, showing the stretch of the abdominal region,( belly and ribs), so beautifully. PLEASE!!--Joe Read more
I'm very glad you enjoy the animations! I'm sure there will be more in the future and yeah I like the idea of backbends that define the beauty of the ribs and belly. Read more
I'm already sold on the wobbly little placeholder model. Read more
:3 Read more
I get it... it is so easy to just dream like me... but actual game is nightmare to make . I just believe in you... even if it should be just little demo in one room and few characters one day if and only if you chose to do so.
But right now I can't wait to see what you do next in Java and Minecraft etc :p
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Honestly really impressive. Plus of course you made the follower adorable somehow. Read more
Thank you so much! I ran out of ideas after a while but it was nice to learn Java :D (sadly that dead language is only used for Minecraft nowadays) Read more
I hope work/learning is going well :) and is funn most of all
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Not really doing much on it anymore as ran out of ideas πŸ˜… Read more
This is already adorable, but have the same concern of your artwork, or a bendy character in general, not translating to the Minecraft graphics. I keep imagining a sentient Jenga tower following me around.
-tbj Read more
Yeah, at best will look like a blocky "bendy" robot XD Read more
Cool 2 know U R making a minecraft mod,it is the best game i've ever known. Read more
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