⚡ Yuni.us: Refolded

Used this tutorial to make a new banner and I think it looks exactly like the inner machinations of my mind... 🤯

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What do you think? 😄
Maaaan, the new banner is amazing! Blender is a fucking powerhouse of a software. I use it mainly for hard surface modeling but damn it has some nice render engines!
Also yeah, I find some people to be terribly hipocritical with xmas and all. Like as of we need a special day to be kinda good and not shitty!
New site looks gorgeous!
Cheers man!
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Yeah, it's fun to see what Blender can do... I mostly use it as a sculpting tool to fix the anatomy of my characters, but its rendering engine was quite surprising in this project. I also had no idea you could combine particles and forces in such flexible ways to create stuff like this...
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I like the new look of the website! Glad to see you're back, I hope you had nice holidays! Read more
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Very cool banner Yuni. I like the site tweak; categories keep some older works on the front page for longer. The Hotness section is a cool idea too. Nice to have the site back either way :) Read more
Thank you so much! I just realized the Hotness section was something I always had in my art since day one (just pretty pictures without any special "fetishes") but never had a tag or category for it. Finally it's there! Read more
The site looks great! Awesome improvements! Read more
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I wish you everything good to new year Yuni. Thinking about your works/you every single day! And will try to give you some smile and happy moments back even help with spreading links to this site so you have more fans.
Have bestest year ever :-)
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Thank you so much! Same to you! 😊 Read more
Postponed this message and feel even bad for writing it... even tried to get used to new look but can't help it. Old front page with comments on right side was better for me. I was refreshing page many times a day looking not only for new images but for new comments and replies... just loved it how it was... you fixed even little bugs during last update and it felt so homely and "warm" here. For time it was my number 1 place on internet!!!
Now visitor must scroll a lot (well I do on my resolution) then click on comments and then scroll some more to see if there is reply... before it was perfect now it is cumbersome.
Other changes are good. I would be happiest if upper part of page was how it used to look and rest of changes could remain. Solution could be that new visitors would see new look how it is but old visitors with comments would see "older one".
I guess it is ironic that me who always thinks of "how improve" things is upset when something which worked so well in past is changed. It seems everything must always change even if it worked just fine in past... :(

And now I feel terrible... instead of praising your effort and cheering I complain and ehh :( in worst possible moment when you feel "down"....

Was even thinking a lot if my comments aren't excessive... or too long, boring, repetitive so I turned myself down a bit.

But you know what? I would really tried to promote your art I mean like write to some more famous artist and offer them some of your images on their social media sites to post with link or so on. So there is more commenters, fans and you are more happy.... even if it means there is so much more comments you will not have time on mine any more :-)
But Iam asking first so I won't do anything stupid. Just feel I should help somehow so you feel more happy...!!! I am somehow worried... maybe it's just me...
Thank you so very very very much for continuing with great stories and images
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I tried redoing the front page and at first I couldn't figure out how to include comments on it with the new layout, but now that you asked I tried to think again and this time could figure it out easily!

I know I don't have a practical need to change the site too much, but I felt like 2201 shouldn't be the main thing on my site because it poorly connects with the actual art. My art isn't all about 2201 but actually more about various talents like contortion, waist-cinching, etc. So I wanted to focus more on that. Read more
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I am absolutely with Shifty but didn't dare to criticize the new layout. Now i am really happy to see the "re-refolded" paige again.
I also visit frequently to see if there are new comments on your adorable art, write myself some clumsy comments and browse through your older masterpieces even it i saw them many, many times. Your art never ceases to amaze me and i am so very thankful.
I wish you and all other nice people visiting and commenting a very happy new year. Read more
And Iam also missing love meter :) it was neat and unique piece of page.
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I put it back and also can you tell me if the comment box resizes itself well to fit a longer comment? It was glitchy but I finally found a better solution, not sure if it works in old browsers... Read more
Thank you very much for your effort! Comments work fine, but love meter dont show images any more :(
Also on home page in top comments and also newest images don't have "brighter" background as it used to be. It is not major problem and probably intention on your part, but older look was somehow bit happier :-D I really do thank you for all your effort and that you are listening.

As old browser go I did upgraded my month ago. But it seems original firefox branch while getting security etc updates is starting to differ from newest too much.
Just you know the reason... firefox has different graphical core than new chrome and all chromium based browsers since version 56? On lower resolutions this core shows screen how it "is" on pixel level. But newer chrome versions dropped support and left only "blurrying" one. In 2K+ resolution human eye can't see much difference but I do like lower resolution to "save" my eyes as I watch screens alot and found over years it realy helps, plus have only full HD monitor.

As other FF browsers go I do need to find way to turn off automatic non security updates... it frustrate me to no extent to turn of ie chrome in work and see new icons... grrr i did not ordered any new icons or new layout... just wana have some basic control over what my computer do... yeah i know such oldtimer view.
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I fixed the love meter but can't think what you mean by the "brighter" backgrounds..
Sorry, can't understand what kind of problems you have with modern browsers, personally I have just a regular monitor, 1080p high and everything looks just fine in any browser without anything blurry. I've also used Firefox for years and haven't noticed any visible transition between v56 and later. As for the layout, I just have the tabs on top then a single line with back/forward/reload icons, address bar, bookmark bar... Nothing unnecessary, and I've never had problems with it... But you use whatever you want to use, I just asked to make sure it's not broken for you ;3 Read more
Images for love meter work now :) Read more
It used to look like this +-
But now there is only black, but if thats intended change it is ok :) also thanks again for love meter fix.

Also forget that browser talk i was talking about
But now I wish i never talked about it because it has anything to do with this wonderful site. I just wanted to explain why I use what I use and why you must do extra work and why I feel badly for it but it only added another confusion :(

Bottom line is everything is fine now :) as far I can tell and that Iam looking for newer browser so you dont have more extra work in future
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